WD My Cloud Mirror (Western Digital ) – the ideal, reliable online storage solution!

Meet my reliable online storage companions – the WD My Book Live Duo (earlier version) and WD My Cloud Mirror.


I had blogged about using them a while back (post –> https://www.rebeccasaw.com/wd-western-digital-wd-my-cloud-wd-my-cloud-ex/) and had had many enquiries on the price, the set up and usage.

First of all, I’ll like to define clearly what is the WD My Cloud Mirror™ all about.
What you see above is the device.
This device is offers a complete solution for users to organize, centralize and secure their data from all of their computers and mobile devices.
Regardless of operating systems or gadgets (hardware) if you are allowed access to the WD My Cloud Mirror then you would be able to access folders and files within its drive from any device, from anywhere in the world.

western digital my cloud storage - WD MY Cloud - Rebecca Saw

western digital my cloud storage - WD MY Cloud-002

The set up is straightforward. It is a plug and play device so the WD My Cloud Mirror is ideal for home and small office use.
For big enterprise there is another solution (WD My Cloud EX2) but for my post here I’ll be focusing on the WD My Cloud Mirror as I haven’t used the WD My Cloud EX2 before.
wd my CLOUD

So the set-up steps are:
1. Take everything out of the box and plug the WD My Cloud into a power point and your router. Yes, WIFI is essential for the WD My Cloud Mirror to work.

2. Once it is powered up, access the web on your laptop/desktop –> http://wd.com/setup/wdmycloudmirror
3. Download the Setup Software. Then follow the instructions on-screen.


4. The setup software will load and install the following icons on your desktop.
These are your shortcuts to access your WD My Cloud Mirror.


5. Double click on the icon and set up the users for your WD My Cloud Mirror. The users levels can be set at admin (access all) or restricted access.
But everything you need to know would be explained here –> http://setup.wd2go.com/?mod=howTo&device=mcm
The online support site is pretty reliable and there would be answers to almost all your queries.

WD learning centre

You can set up as many users as you want (unlimited users) so share away with friends (for eg, get them to upload their movies into your drive; you get to watch, they get a secure place to save their collection – a win-win solution! :)), families, work colleagues and well, just about anyone with internet access as the WD My Cloud Mirror can be accessed via a smartphone as well.


The WD My Cloud Mirror dashboard provides a nice, clean visual interface for users to navigate and also allows users/admins to check on the device.


Prices for the WD My Cloud Mirror are RM899 for 4TB, RM1249 for 6TB, RM1599 for 8TB, RM1999 for 10TB, RM2299 for 12TB. A pretty reasonable price to pay to keep all your data safe I reckon.
I have 2 since I have so many files to safeguard (especially photos) from my blog, writing work, travels, photography assignments, fashion shoots and food plus digital advertising businesses.
One of the 4TB WD My Cloud Mirror should be sufficient if you do not accumulate as many files as I do.

So, what are your storage solutions?
Keen to get a WD My Cloud Mirror? Let me know! 🙂

PS: I’ll be updating about my use of the WD My Cloud Mirror and my back-up habits in next week’s post so watch out for that.

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  1. Alex

    Where can i purchase the WD My Cloud Mirror 4TB for RM899 ?

  2. Vigneswara Rao

    Hi Rebecca, Does this device actually mirror the data to the cloud? What happens if the hardware crashes? Do i loose my data permanently? Any info on the warranty?

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