REVIEW: TruSculpt iD @ Clique Clinic Malaysia

Session: 23 November 2018: For Ice Fire  (TruSculpt & Coolsculpting treatment in Clique Clinic Malaysia)

For all my careful dieting and consistent (well, as consistent as I could manage) exercises, I had help in 2014 for my stubborn inner and outer thighs. (Read about it HERE. Yes, please check out the BEFORE AFTER fat thighs pictures! 😉)

As pictured, I experienced remarkable results. I lost an average of 3cm on each thighs (inner) and 1 cm on the lower thighs.

Rebecca Saw 3

Since then, with consistent workouts coupled with a low carb diet, I’ve not gained a single centimetre on both thighs after my Coolsculpting efforts.

Embolden from this experience, I volunteered to be a guinea pig for the latest Ice Fire fat-loss procedure which consist of CoolSculpting (ICE) and and TruSculpt (FIRE); one after the other.

But why?? You’re already thin!
Now, I’m sure if you’ve met me in person before, you would exclaim so.

Well, you will have to understand that Coolsculpting and TruSculpt are body contouring procedures.
That means it is NOT for those severely obese (you just got to diet and exercise to lose that heavy mass first!), but rather for those in need of body shaping at isolated fatty bulges that can be specifically targeted by the treatment.

In a nutshell, a non-invasive body contouring treatments like Coolsculpting, TruSculpt, SculpSure and EmSculpt are best suited for relatively fit people that have stubborn fat. 

Now that I’ve made that clear, let’s discuss the procedure itself. 🙂

TruSculpt iD is by aesthetic technology company Cutera and it is a new noninvasive fat-reducing treatment joining the ranks of CoolSculpting, SculpSure, and EmSculpt.
Similarly, it works by either melting or freezing off stubborn pockets of fat from the outside in (through your skin).

The treatment is only 15- minute and targets fat pockets located virtually anywhere on the body. It is a radiofrequency (RF)-based body contouring device that has earned an FDA clearance for lipolysis.

Gwen and Josh are certified body contouring specialists in Clique Clinic and were my consultants for this Ice Fire combi of Coolsculpting and truSculpt iD treatments.

Ice Fire procedure requires Coolsculpting to be carried out first before proceeding immediately to have the same body parts treated by truSculpt iD.
For truSculpt iD multiple electrodes were placed on my lower arms and secured with a transparent silicone wrap. Like Coolsculpting, I was then left to rest in comfort for 15 minutes. This was repeated on the other arm.

For some there may be slight uncomfortable tingling sensation from the heat. For me it was nary a bother.
In fact I find it much more comfortable than Coolsculpting with requires a painful massage after the CoolAdvantage applicators were taken off.

Here’s a graphical explanation of what happens during a truSculpt iD session.

Honestly, I’ve been fed up of my stubborn underarm fat for a while now. Due to aging I’ve also realized that it could be skin laxity in addition to the fat.
Besides, I’ve also not been as consistent in my exercise regime in 2018 and I foresee a tough year ahead in 2019, and thus high probability of lesser workout activities this year.

All in all, I felt it was justified to undergo this fat-loss treatment for my arms.
When Josh had suggested a combi of Coolsculpting plus truSculpt iD for me termed “Ice and Fire” which promised quicker and guaranteed results, I had jumped at the opportunity.
Besides, this procedure is only available at Clique Clinic as it is the sole clinic in Malaysia to offer truSculpt iD treatment for now. Thus I was definitely keen to personally test this revolutionary procedure out!

So we started off with Coolsculpting on both lower arms. Once done we proceed immediately to truSculpt iD for another 15 minutes on each arm.
I was pretty sure my lower arms fat were squealing in horror as they died! 😀
Imagine being frozen followed by RF heat.

Here is a FAQ for those interested to further understand this procedure:

FAQs for truSculpt iD

  1. How does TruSculpt iD work?
    It works by heating fat cells using monopolar radiofrequency until they die off and can be naturally eliminated by your body.
  2. What does it feel like?
    Cutera describes the treatment as being like “a hot stone massage” — a little redness and sensitivity post-treatment are normal, but you can jump right back into your normal routine, including exercise, immediately after you leave the doctor’s office.
  3. What makes it different from other body-contouring treatments?
    As far as the way it works, TruSculpt is similar to other noninvasive fat treatments but with some key differences.

Since I’ve personally experienced success in Coolsculpting, I’ll like to highlight the key differences between Coolsculpting and truSculpt iD.

For one, CoolSculpting freezes fat cells to destroy them. truSculpt works heating fat cells using monopolar radiofrequency until they die off.
Both are non-invasive procedures under 30 minutes with little discomfort during the session and little or no downtime whatsoever.
Both promises full impact of the treatment showing by the 12-week mark (but the patient would have to monitor their diet and lifestyle for best results) and the fat are naturally eliminated by your body.


Noninvasive fat-reducing procedures are popular for good reason: They’re the closest thing to an instant bulge eraser that modern science has come up with!
In other words, body-contouring treatments aren’t meant to be major weight-loss tools;they can reduce between 11 and 25 percent of fat cells in the areas treated.

So, does it really work?

RESULTS of ICE FIRE – Coolsculpting and truSculpt iD at Clique Clinic 

  1. 22nd November 2018 (BEFORE) – 22nd February 2019 (AFTER). This is after 3 months.

Right arm : FRONT

Right arm : BACK

Left arm :   FRONT

Left arm:    BACK


It is obvious isn’t it?
I’ve lost fat on both of my lower arms! 🙂 The skin surrounding the area is firmer too.

In a nutshell, Clique’s Ice Fire (Coolsculpting and truSculpt iD) treatment worked for me.
Will it work for YOU?

Well, contact a Clique Clinic consultant (Whatsapp +6012-353 7960) and book yourself a body assessment session. You will only be able to obtain a realistic evaluation and quote (price) after the consultants have seen you in person.

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