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I can’t exercise without music.
Well, maybe I could. If I have absolutely no choice, maybe…. just maybe I’ll be able to do an hour.

But man, give me fast beats, dance oriented and energetic rhythm and I’ll be more motivated to workout anytime!
Be it runs, an anger management session on the punching bag or even a graceful yoga affair, I need stimulation from music.


Since my iPhone 7+ plays more than decent quality bass and sounds, I’ve decided against a dedicated music player. Besides, I do not need another item to carry on my runs (I have to bring my phone everywhere) and to pack when I travel.
Thus I figured that a good pair of earphones is sufficient.

I’ve lived with the standard iPhone earphones for a while as I was quite happy with them. However, I got poisoned by Kevin and Joanna recently. Both audiophiles have been pestering me to get “better earphones“.
To prove their point, they proceed to show me gorgeous images of earphones with numerous features that promises great audio.
The sound will totally blow your mind!” they claimed enthusiastically.

You will pump harder and run faster with such sound clarity”, Kevin said confidently.

“But I don’t wish to spend too much on earphones!” I protested. “Besides, I wouldn’t know what suits me”.

That was the wrong thing to say, for both immediately sent me links of “best earphones” currently available on the market.
Among those links were wireless headphones in Malaysia, a local site that gave roundups of consumer products in a concise and easily digestible manner plus links to buy them.

Ok, that made things much more straightforward. It helps too that the listed earphones are exactly what I was looking for – suitable for those with an active lifestyle and thus are light, wireless with long playing hours and of course, reasonably priced!

I swim and I enjoy running in the rain so I figured that splash proof and water proof in-ear headsets would be ideal. Some nifty headphones lets you workout and run with total mobility as the ear hooks prevents the device from falling off.

I wish to enjoy high quality music while having unrestricted movement while I dance, jump or punch. And even better if I could listen to music and answer/ make a call if necessary.

ProductNation is your destination for all the latest product reviews in Malaysia. The roundups are at the right price, on-trend, consumer favourites, and timely here.”

True enough. It certainly helped me in my research for the best earphones below RM800 and I think both the Beats and Bose are ideal for me.
The question now is – which?

I’m looking forward to your responses so let me know! Kevin is all for the Beats but Joanna wants the Bose.
Hmm… anyways, can’t wait to get one of them and yay to no-more-tangling-with-wires episodes after this! 😀

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