Rebecca Saw

Rebecca Saw, also known as wackybecky for her wild streak is a digital strategist, gourmet, nomad and writer. When she’s not busy spinning ideas for her clients’ campaigns she dedicates her time to eating, traveling, all forms of fitness activities, cooking and fashion; all of which are chronicled in detail on her blog. She’s often spotted in most events happening in KL; covering from tech to automobiles launches to parties and fashion makeovers. Living each day at a time, she’s a firm believer of living life to the fullest; responsibly of course.

Rouge Communications

As the founder of a digital agency (Rouge Communications), work means handling blog advertising and digital campaigns in South East Asia (SG/ID/TH/PH/Japan/Korea and even Australia markets). Rouge Comms’s portfolio also covers SEO, Google ads buys as well as management of social platforms (eg Facebook pages) for companies and brands. Besides that, she writes on a freelance basis for Malay Mail, and World of Watches; just to name a few. Thus, writing and copywriting jobs are welcomed so do email her if you have any! Ever brimming with ideas, Rebecca’s latest venture is Fit Fab Kitchen; an e-commerce site that stocks products by local food entrepreneurs on one convenient platform. FFK also caters for specific meal orders such as HCG diet, Keto, Paleo, gluten-free and low-carb meals.

Top 10 of Asia

Just this year Rebecca was in the ‘Top 10 of Asia’ magazine as one of Malaysia’s ’10 Most Inspiring Female Social Personalities’; alongside personalities like Serena C, Nadia Heng and Datin Reiss Tiara.

Have a product/service that you would like Rebecca to try?

Rebecca accepts advertorials, product sponsorship and travel trips as long as clear expectations are outlined.