Mitsubishi Electric’s new R32 MS-HN air con for greener Mother Earth

Mitsubishi Electric

Leading the way in comfort, efficiency and reliability, Mitsubishi Electric Group introduced the brand new R32 refrigerant MS-HN series Room Air Condition.

Managing Director of Mitsubishi Electric Sales Malaysia Sdn Bhd (MESM), Mr. Hiroaki Ashizawa said that the MS-HN series further enhances the Mitsubishi Electric DNA – Shoki Hoko, which means their Corporate Responsibility to society.

By introducing the new R32 system, which is equipped with the “Easy Ownership Program” (E.O.P), it further guarantees an enhanced product performance provided at an affordable cost for consumers,” said Ashizawa.
Elaborating on the E.O.P., Ashizawa said that starting from April 5 to June 2017, every purchase of the MS-HN Series will come with a free 10-feet Japan Specification Copper kit worth RM250.

The R32 Refrigerant is one of the best candidates for the next generation of refrigerant air conditioning system following the 0 Ozone depletion properties (ODP) and 675 Global Warming properties (GWP) which comprises only 1/3 of the R410a system.
The installation specification required is not so different in comparison to the R410a system.

Apart from offering favourable “Easy-to-Clean” features, MS-HN is also rated as more efficient than its predecessors with its latest achievement of the highest Malaysia Energy Star Rating.
The product also comes with a 2-year general warranty and 7-year compressor warranty.

Prices are as follow:

*Prior to the release in Malaysia, the R32 system has already been introduced in Japan, Australia, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries.

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    ooo, a brand to remember the next time i’m in the market for an air-conditioner … and with the heat in KL these days, that shouldn’t be too far away 😀

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