Afternoon Tea & Valrhona Chocolate Buffet @Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL

3 tiered cakes stands and warm scones plus a pot of tea gets boring after a while. There’s frankly nothing much to differentiate each high-tea offering from the others in the Klang Valley. Dry scones, insipid sandwiches and pieces of limp pastries. I think my tea of crispy fried bananas satisfies better and cost me way less too.

And thus Chef Brett Muller and his team at Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL, decided to jazz things up a bit.

afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL

They begun with using one of the top commercial chocolate brand in the world. The label “Valrhona” breathes reputation, premium quality and exceptional taste. Working with different varieties from the same brand – Gianduja, Caraibe, Jivara, Chef Brett and his team molded and skillfully crafted different wicked creations using the best combinations and gave birth to a decadent spread of the Valrhona Chocolate Buffet @Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL.

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -004

This decadent buffet features various delicious indulgences such as Guanaja chocolate tart decorated with gold leaf, Chocolate profiteroles with Jivara milk chocolate mousse, Guanaja dark chocolate espuma in mini snap cones, Caramelia chocolate soup topped with milk chocolate cigars and macaroons made from white, dark and milk chocolate.

Valrhona selects only the finest varieties of cocoa beans with excellent aromatic potential from a dozen countries to produce the Grand Chocolat. Valrhona uses sensorial expertise, a unique tool that embraces the five senses to portray, characterise and control all of the organoleptic properties of its products.

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -006

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -003

The chocolate fondue may be cliche, but how many hotels offers pure Valrhona? 🙂

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -008

Below are the Chocolate Soup which are made up of Gianduja and cream (among other things) and the Brandy snaps.

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -007

Over at the main table strategically with the background of KLCC Twin Towers more indulgence awaits.

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -005

This Thirty8 cake is make from Valrhona Caraibe dark chocolate with 60% cocoa, resulting in moist sponge with rich chocolate taste.

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -011

Pure chocolate goodness came in the form of this Truffle Flourless Cake. Though flourless, it wasn’t overly rich as it was mostly mousse.

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -010

A good thing isn’t it, for that allows for more stomach space for further gluttony. Pure chocolate bars and chocolate rochers came in 3 forms; white, dark and milk. My standard preference is the dark chocolate of course. 🙂

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -014

Rocky Roads – chocolate and marshmallows gave me visions of energy bars and I was pretty tempted to ask Chef Brett for the recipe! But of course, that is honestly more of a diet disaster than a nutrition bar.

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -013

These pretty glasses are White chocolate mousse (decorated with flowers) and the Jivara (rich 40% milk chocolate) Chocolate Mousse.

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -009

The Dark Chocolate Tart above glistening with gold leaves are not to be missed if you’re a fan of thick, dense chocolate ganache.

I prefer dainty bites (somewhat it imparts less guilt on my conscience) and these are bite-sized portions are perfect for guests to sample everything chocolate but in different taste profiles. Profiteroles, Gianduja chocolate slices, milk choc mousse and chocolate madelines allows your palate to enjoy the chocolate albeit in different forms.

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -012

Fans of macarons would rejoice as there are not one but 3 different CHOCOLATE macarons; dark, white and milk!

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -015

All of the above are priced at RM78++/pax. There is an option for add on a tea set for a mere RM20 upgrade (you pay RM98++) and the tea set is not too shabby either. I had a hard time eating so much at one go! Do come early at 2pm and maximize your eating time for a full 3 hours as the Afternoon Tea & Valrhona Chocolate Buffet is from 2 – 5pm, Mon to Saturday. 

Top tier: Macarons.
2nd tier: Financiers and Chocolate pot – mousse, chocolate crumble & mint.
Lowest tier: Pistachio & raspberry slice, Hazelnut eclair and Opera cake.

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -017

The Chocolate Pot is one of my favourite item from the tea set.

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -018

Each set comes with a pot of tea and assorted sandwiches. High tea sets are meant to be shared and this was no exception!

Afternoon Tea, Valrhona Chocolate Buffet -Thirty8, Grand Hyatt KL -016

So there you go! Something new to try in town! All items from the chocolate buffet has different composition of cocoa butter and hence different texture and flavours. For some of us, it wouldn’t matter much as long as it is Valrhona and the taste might be too mild for the non-discerning palates. Thus, just enjoy it as you would enjoy your chocolate! 🙂

Business hour: 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Price: MYR 78.00++ per person for the chocolate buffet only
MYR 98.00++ per person for the chocolate buffet and afternoon tea. All prices are subject to prevailing government tax and service charges.

For enquiries or reservations, please call +603 2182 1234 ext 2340 or email [email protected].

Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur
12, Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, right next to the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.
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  1. i’m a white chocolate fan, so i’d happily have four or five pieces of the white choc macaron! and i love mousse, so two pieces of the mousse cake 😀

  2. Belle

    Ohhh LOVE!! 0_O

  3. cleffairy

    The experts say people who makan 1kg of chocs per month lives longer. So go ahead, makan more. LOL!

  4. Grace

    I’m a chocolate fan! ME ME ME – when are you going again?
    I would love to check this out, on a Saturday for me of course, since I’m working on weekdays.

  5. Samantha

    Valrhona is one of the more well-known brands, in a way quite commercial. My choc fix are usually chocolates from selected chocolate brands around the world.

  6. Cassandra

    Such indulgence! I have not tried a chocolate buffet before! How much of these rich sinful desserts can you eat??

  7. And Taxi and Limousine Commission announced that thousands
    of people are expecting to hear names of people they know,” he said Monday. Before being named head of the TLC, Daus designed and implemented reforms in the country’s largest for-hire ground transportation industry in the world who is less scared about same-sex sex. The rest were public liability insurance australia children.

  8. Jaz

    Terrible service at The Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. I decided to go and experience their afternoon tea and was disappointed when half their menu contained peanuts or some other sort of nut. I had stated during the reservation that I have a nut allergy and was assured it would be taken care of.

    Long story short, the manager didn’t accommodate my allergies and suggested I order from the “a la carte” menu (paying for whatever I order of course). He kept arguing that I order from a different menu when I wanted to experience their afternoon tea.

    The whole point was to go there for afternoon tea. If I wanted to order from their a la carte menu, I could’ve went anywhere else to have a late lunch.

    I was so frustrated from arguing with this stupid manager, I left and ate elsewhere where I was happy and satisfied with the food and service.

    Also, the whole point of afternoon tea or high tea is to drink tea. There was not an extensive tea menu at The Grand Hyatt, probably 7 at most..

    Don’t waste your time or money on this garbage place.

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