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The coronavirus epidemic has been taking a toll in Malaysia. People start working from home, restaurant can only serve limited customers and are now focusing on take-away or delivery, cashless deliveries is preferred and gathering are no longer allowed. All the changes have been made to adjust with the current situation. When it comes to food, one cannot simply hold on to the restaurant for everyday meal. Some people still prefer to cook their meal religiously but are now stuck at home without fresh ingredient to buy. This post will suggest few places that deliver seafood and send it to your door! Easy, simple and informative.





Delivery area:

Klang Valley, Subang, Shah Alam, PJ, KL, Puchong & Sungai Buloh

Delivery Time: Everyday between 2pm to 8pm

*Free deliveries for order above RM200 & RM15 for orders below RM200

SeafoodMalaysia马来西亚海鲜批发零售 (group)
Frozen/fresh Seafood Malaysia /大马冷冻/新鲜海鲜分享区 (group)
Grand Seafood Sdn Bhd Delivery area:

Klang Valley (contact 016-6627015 for other locations)

Delivery Time: Monday to Friday between 10am to 6pm

*Free deliveries for order above RM250 & RM20 for orders below RM250

Live Seafood And Fresh Seafood (group)
My Fish Bid Delivery area: West Malaysia only

Delivery Time: 1-2 working days

*Delivery fee depends on shipping address & RM10 off for using app (first purchase)

Hai Seng Huat Fishery Sdn Bhd/Hai Seng Huat Marine Sdn Bhd Delivery area: Whole Malaysia

Delivery Time: Everyday between 9.30am to 5pm

*RM25 delivery fee for KL & Selangor,  RM35 for delivery fee for other states

Jiang Seafood 江氏海鲜 Delivery area: KL, Seremban, Malacca, Johor Bahru

Delivery Time: Everyday between 9am to 9pm

*Free deliveries for order above RM200, RM10 for orders below RM200 (Malacca & JB) & RM20 for KL & Seremban

Daddy’s Seafood


Delivery area: Whole west Malaysia 

Delivery Time:

Monday-Friday between 10am to 5.30pm

Saturday between 10am to 1pm

*RM5 delivery fee for order above RM250 & RM15 for orders below RM250


This is the list of shop that can be taken into consideration. Some shops prefer Whatsapp to order and some prefer to order from app. Whatever the choices are, all is based on serving the best high-quality seafood with reasonable price. Drop them a message and they will guide you with the procedure!


  1. MySeafoodMart guaranteed the freshness delivered to your doorstep. Caught in the morning in Pulau Ketam and delivered to you in the afternoon. All of the seafood are caught with their own boats to maintain the legit freshness and preservative free.
  2. SeafoodMalaysia马来西亚海鲜批发零售 (group) is where online buyers can choose to get their daily fresh stock of seafood with reasonable prices. This group compromises all kind of seafood seller that sells their caught of the day with pictures and description to ruminate the freshness to the screen of your mobile/computer. Online buyers can negotiate the price freely and seal the deal with their chosen dealer. 
  3. Frozen/fresh Seafood Malaysia /大马冷冻/新鲜海鲜分享区 (group) is where online buyers can get frozen seafood wholesome deal at Kuala Lumpur area. The group consisted of trusted seafood seller that does delivery for you to choose from! All pictures and description are ready to answer your curiosity. 
  4. Grand Seafood Sdn Bhd offers fresh seafood delivery in Kuala Lumpur, even during public holidays! Fresh, good customer service and affordable price. Craving for fresh seafood? They have it and will send it to you at your doorstep. Live and frozen seafood from overseas to get your days kickin!
  5. Live Seafood And Fresh Seafood (group) is another group in Facebook with dealers showing their catch during the day. Delivery service is available with pictures and description to justify their pricing and freshness. Strut your stuff and ask for discounts, you might get one!
  6. My Fish Bid is a multi-vendor online third-party platform to connect seller and buyer in fish trading and fish bidding process. Taking full responsibility in creating variety of fish types from different vendors. Compare different services from different vendors for the best deal. To make it interesting, the app offers RM10 off purchases for first time buyer! Download the app and you are set to go!
  7. Hai Seng Huat Fishery Sdn Bhd/Hai Seng Huat Marine Sdn Bhd is established at the local fish line for more than 20 years. Customers can choose to Whatsapp their order or using an app called “Seafood Just Fresh” that can be downloaded free at Playstore. When it comes to quality and freshness, oh boy, they conquer it! 
  8. Jiang Seafood 江氏海鲜 is the first company in Malaysia to sell all high-quality seafood in a unique way of operation. It is not cheap, but it is based on freshness. To maintain maximum freshness of seafood taste, they are using their own fishing village. Delivery in 18 hours in all kind of weather!
  9. Daddy’s Seafood is professional frozen and dried seafood wholesaler & supplier that does online delivery services. Daddy Seafood don’t play play! Cheap and good service and highly recommended for seafood lover. Taste the freshness and quality of their seafood!



1.Tanjong Karang Bagan Pasir 本地海鲜


Satisfied with all the suggestion?

This epidemic should not be a reason for us to completely stop doing what we love. Although we can no longer go out to the fresh market with crowded people and really dig it with our bare hands, we can still get the best of seafood with the help of delivery service.The choice is in your hand. Choose the one that suits your preference and budget the most! Stay safe and stay hygienic.


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    Want to find out what company deliver to ipoh perak.TQ

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Try the Runner app! My friend runs this Runner company 🙂

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