How to Make Dalgona – EASY delicious whipped coffee!

You’ve probably seen several videos of people making whipped coffee by mixing just three ingredients with a whisk/ hand mixer, or milk frother.
The result? Fluffy and delicious-looking whipped coffee.

Some call it “Dalgona Coffee”, particularly in Korea, because it looks like a popular dessert. So how do you make whipped/Dalgona coffee?

Mix equal parts powdered coffee, sugar, and water
Mix everything together using a whisk, handheld mixer, or coffee frother until you achieve that ~*whipped consistency*~
You can enjoy it as is or pour it over milk or ice!

So for ONE cup, that would be:
2 tbsp instant coffee (use Nescafe if you must)
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp hot water

Either whisk by hand hundreds of times or use a whisk (duh!) to whirl until super silky and frothy.
Spoon on top of ice milk (make sure it’s cold!), stir and enjoy. 😉

Pro tip: Enjoy your Dalgona with a slice of Mille Crepe Cake, and you’ll fall in love with the combo!

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  1. Melissa

    Tqvm for the recipe! I already tried but takes 20 minutes to whisk since I don’t have machine! Found this blog in goggle.

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