IPOH Cafe 2019: Fondantism – Japanese Soufflé Pancake

Fondantism officially celebrated being 2 months old this week (mid March 2019).
When I visited on the first week of March on a weekend it was packed to the brim. And from what my Ipoh friends told me, its popularity is still soaring high.

It is not difficult to see why.
There aren’t many souffle-specialty cafes in Ipoh and certainly not one as cute as Fondantism.

The unicorn logo speaks of all-things whimsical and gaiety.
The theme here is marble, pink, white and gold. Pretty fondant cakes were displayed on one wall, while the chillers showcased more cakes and macarons.

The oh-so-fluffy souffle pancakes were being cooked upon order and flipped near the cashier.
Just staring at the rise of these pancakes was enough to induce breaking of all well-meaning diets. And the smell, hmmm… lovely! 😉

The dining space is small and the though it is located a good 20 minutes drive from Ipoh town, it was popular among locals and tourists.

Since I was alone, I managed to score a seat easily, near the entrance and not particularly comfortable. But it was ok for me since I’m small in size and I didn’t care much for space.

From making my order at the counter and paying, my drink came 15 minutes later. This was followed by my Original Souffle Pancake (RM15.90 nett).

To be frank, it is was an enjoyable dessert.
But for RM15.90, this isn’t exactly “fairly priced“. There is only ONE shuffle (not even a stack of two-three like what is offered in KL) layered with a bit of cream and a small serving of fruits (one strawberry and 4 grapes isn’t exactly costly).

4 flavours (original, matcha, strawberry and creme brûlée) were offered and I opted for the original because I wish to test their claim of “we only use fresh milk, not creamer”.
Yes indeed it was rich, milky, smooth and airy. Each forkful into my mouth melted on my tongue. I certainly didn’t regret heading here and putting up with the crowd, noise and other little inconveniences. But a re-visit is not likely unless I had to accompany a friend.

All in all, it is an “Instagrammable cafe” with pretty good desserts and beverages. The cakes, pink tables and chairs and warm service is commendable. I appreciate that real milk and real fruits are used instead of syrups.
They got this super cute 🦄 unicorn cake too; again, great for photos.

For those planning a visit, here is the menu (from their FB page). Plan your orders!

28, Jalan Lapangan Siber 8,
Bandar Cyber Ipoh, 31350 Ipoh.
Tel: 0124122993
Hours: 12PM – 10PM, except TUESDAY.

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