March 2011: Melaka Trip – Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan Restaurant

I didn’t believe it when a friend of mine tipped me that the best tandoori & naan in Malaysia is found in Melaka town.

pak putra tandoori -9

Melaka for Nyonya food yes, chinese food yes of course, but tandoori? Naan?


That conversation marked the first time I’ve heard of Pak Putra. The said friend shared that tip when I said I was heading to Melaka for a food trip in the coming week. He persistently urged me to try it.

pak putra tandoori -4

His enthusiam aroused curiosity in me. But not enough for me to make my way there as I was too distracted by the usual cuisine of Nyonya, satay & the rest since it was my first time to Melaka.

And just last week I was in Melaka again. This time, Cerventus himself, a Malaccan born & bred boy gave his approval too.

pak putra tandoori

So the gluttony group of us, Yoga, April, Cerventus, Mei Ying ended up at Pak Putra for “Part 2 dinner” though we were already almost stuffed from our original dinner of satay celup.

The initial plan was to share a set of tandoori chicken and naan. Just one.
Well, one order lead to another, and we ended up with a whole table of food!

pak putra tandoori -16

Food at Pak Putra certainly lived up to its hype; the tandoori chicken was superb & the naan was wonderfully airy & soft.

pak putra tandoori -12

Based on my conversation with another Malaccan friend, the chicken marination are made up of 12 types of herbs and spices which includes cashew nuts & almonds . The mint sauce which accompanies the tandoori chicken is also another secret recipe, prepared with about 10 spices, including cili padi.

The result? Extremely tender & moist meat despite being baked in the hot tandoor oven.


Yes, Pak Putra’s tandoori chicken & naan is worth a visit. And as expected Pak Putra is packed, with a crowd that could rival our Selangor’s Murni‘s. And most diners opt to sit al – fresco for obvious reasons.

pak putra tandoori -1

pak putra tandoori -2

pak putra tandoori -3

pak putra tandoori -5

There were much publicity on its tandoori chicken and naan but Cerventus let us on a secret; the potato pratha here is to – die – for.


A thin pancake with mashed potatoes + herbs, this was seriously awesome comfort food; with crispy outer layers & soft savoury mash inside. 2 thumbs up!

pak putra tandoori -10

We had the cheese naan, (moniker is Melbourne cheese for whatever reasons) and the Kashmiri naan as well.

pak putra tandoori -11

pak putra tandoori -13

The Kashmiri wasn’t outstanding as it tasted just like plain naan with sweet toppings; (though I noted that even the ordinary naan here triumphs over most other outlets’), and it was the cheese naan we preferred. Hardcore cheese lovers may prefer the ones that are gooey and flooded with cheese, but I’m fine with moderation.

pak putra tandoori -14

Palak Paneer. It was spicy with the burn only felt at the back of your throat after you consume it. Our complains with this one was “Where’s the cheese??” . The spinach taste was very distinctive though.

pak putra tandoori -15

The shop also serves a wide variety of Northern Indian food also known as Punjabi food. Prices are very reasonable too.

pak putra tandoori -7

pak putra tandoori -8

Yes, other than Nyonya food, pineapple tarts & chendol, Pak Putra should be on your to-eat-list too if you are in Malacca town! 😉



Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan Restaurant
Address: Jalan Laksamana 4, Melaka, Malaysia.

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  1. Michelle Chin

    Melbourne cheese? What has it got to do with Melbourne at down under?

    1. Rebecca

      We were wondering about the same thing! Maybe it uses Aussie cheese??

  2. Sean

    ooh! this makes me proud, being malaccan-born! now i can boast that we also have the best tandoori and naan (even though i haven’t tried it myself yet!) 😀

    1. Rebecca

      Hahaha.. you should! One of the better ones I tell you!

  3. augustdiners

    was just about to blog about this from my last weekend trip, guess u beat me to it! i love their tandoori

    1. Rebecca

      Woots! It met with your approval as well yea? 😉

  4. Chong

    Love their tandoori chicken. But I find that their naans are a lil too thick (especially at the side). Nevertheless, they are still delicious! Garlic cheese naan FTW!

    1. Rebecca

      Yup! But naan are kinda thick anyways rite?
      I prefer the potato pratha!

  5. lotsofcravings

    ohh how i miss tandoori chicken, i probably can get some down under but easily 4-5 times the price!

    1. Rebecca

      I knw what you mean! When I was in Melbourne, Old Town Kopitiam in Melbourne was selling a plain roti canai fro AUD3 – 5! Imagine how much you will have to pay fr tandoori chic??

  6. J2Kfm

    Oh this was the one I heard from someone. So should be a nice addition to the Melaka food list. Nyonya food and Portuguese seafood in Melaka were not exactly to die for anyway.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yeah, most of the Nyonya is so commercialised -_-

  7. Michael

    This is one of the best food in Melaka. Also feel its tandoori chicken is the best i’ve ever tasted… Altho there have been times it’s below par. Another recommendation is the newly opened Chef Anthony’s Restaurant in Melaka Raya selling Portuguese food. The chef’s cooking is magic!! It’s just after Amigo.

    1. rebeccasaw

      OMG! Thanks fo r the recommendation Michael! I love nyonya – so is it a new restaurant – this Anthony’s? And porky?

      1. tony yew

        Tumpang boleh? Chef Anthony’s is a local Melaka based Portuguese food eatery. But having said that, his garlic butter scallop is fantastic…..and if you are lucky, may get ‘sae-bak’ portuguese salad.
        FYI, pork lovers haven!

      2. rebeccasaw

        Ah! I must visit soon and yes if you’re from KL, we can tumpang and go! 🙂

  8. Raju redman

    Really fantastic…This is nice place and one of the best food in Melaka. I ate double cheese Naan with Tandoori chicken, feel its really best i’ve ever tasted in Malaysia… Congratulation..

    1. rebeccasaw

      Glad you think so! I can’t find anything like it in KL as yet! 🙁

  9. Tmlim

    Putra Tandoori chicken is nice to see on d internet. Pictures are promising. I made a trip to the place tonight n really dissapointing gravy that is promising turn up to be watery n tasteless. Chicken is overcooked n tasted bitter in the exterior. Really a bad experience d the worst tandoori i had so far

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