The brand-new NZX Food Court Centre: Aunty Lan’s Sarawak Laksa, Kolo Mee

Coincidentally I was on the hunt for Sarawak Laksa for the past 2 weeks.
My usual fix are at Charlie Cafe, Makan Time and Salted but none of these are near any LRT/MRT stations.

Then I read on a FB group that the NZX (Niuzexui) area is being revitalised, or rather, more specifically the NX Food Court Centre. I saw postings about the Penang duck egg char kuey teow, Sarawak kueh chiap, kolo mee and the Sarawak Laksa.

And comments were favourable too, so I hopped quickly to try it myself.

Aunty Lan was curious when she saw me and my camera. She came over to say hi and told us a bit about her food. She cooked everything by herself daily and she got her kolo mee noodles plus laksa paste from a Sarawakian.

My food partner that day is a hardcore fan and he gave thumbs up for both the Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee. Personally I liked that the noodles used is legit springy and curly type similarly to the ones served in Sarawak.

Taste-wise the kolo mee was bathed in fragrant lard and there was a generous heaping of minced meat and char siew. It came with soup plus three meatballs too, admittedly not a norm in Sarawak but well, we are not complaining when there’s extra protein. Besides, this didn’t affect the taste of the noodles. Good stuff for RM6.00!

The laksa was RM8.00 (S) and came with the standard beansprouts, omelette strips and shredded poached chicken topped with three sweet, fresh medium sized prawns. The aromatic broth was great; tasty with good depth of flavour from the spices.
Truly, this is one of the most enjoyable yet reasonably priced Sarawak Laksa I’ve had in KL/PJ.

Aunty Lan also offer the reddish kolo mee that is tossed with a homemade char siew sauce. I aim to order that on my next trip together with her kueh chiap!

The foodcourt looks bare right now but there will be more stalls opening soon. Fret not if you are dining in a group since there are many other stalls here so no worries about variety. The Medan food stall sells pork rendang rice is worth checking out too.
I’m a Penangite so I reckon I might fall into the temptation of ordering the duck egg char kuey teow sooner or later too!

BELOW: The Medan food stall.

This is the pork rendang!

BELOW: The Penang food stall.

Aunty Lan Sarawak Laksa stall @ NZX Food Court
Jalan PJU 1A/41B, Ara Damansara, PJ.

Open: 7am to 2.30pm. Off days are not fixed but she told me that she’s off on 29 – 30th Nov 2017.

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