O Gourmet, BSC & A Slice of Heaven

BSC’s latest swanky food hall opened just last Thurs but not with as much fanfare in comparison to Hutong in Lot 10.

Pretty understandable I guess, since the concept ain’t entirely the same. Modelled after the food halls of Harrods or Selfridges, O Gourmet, BSC stocks a range of gourmet and unusual fine food items, imported mostly from Britain, Italy & Spain, including specialty wines.

Indeed, with the interesting & uncommon fine food available here, all one needs is a very deep pocket.
However, should you expect O Gourmet to be alike a food court, then prepare to be re-educated.
There is no dining space available; & O Gourmet features stalls after stalls of food items, both uncooked and cooked for take-away only.

I spied local delights like rice and local dishes as well as sandwiches and pitas (which was for RM15 each, so you can pretty much gauge the price levels here).

A note-worthy stall is the spice market, where little bowls of spices were lay out for the customer’s to smell, feel and see.
The lady manning the stall was mixing some nuts with a mixture of spices chosen by a customer when I was there. I was so tempted to take a pic but since I wasn’t a customer I hesitated & in the end i didn’t.

Anyhow, my main reason here was to visit Just Heavenly’s Pleasure’s newest outlet.
Unless you are blind, you can’t miss it since it is right smack in the middle of the food hall & happens to be the 1st ‘outlet’ facing the entrance.

Just Heavenly

It was a really busy time for them when I was there. I think this is perhaps JHP’s best outlet in terms of sales judging by the amount of cakes flying off the chillers!

O Gourmet3

There was even more variety of desserts here than their outlet in Jaya One.
I am not sure of the photography rules here, & was again hesitant to snap any pics especially at the other stalls since I didn’t buy anything.
However, with permission from Nigel, I could be click-happy around their outlet.

from top left:
Banana, Butter Rosemary & Choc Fudge Log Cakes.
Rose Meringue, Choc Durian, Strawberry Cheese, Blueberry Cheese, Peach Gateaux, Classic Cheese, Triple Expresso Brownies & Apple Crumble Cheese.

Cakes by A slice of heaven

I got myself a Blackforest Gateaux (Kirsch) – RM9.90. Absolutely love the big blackcurrants!

Blackforest by JHP

Just Heavenly Pleasure’s gorgeous creations.

O Gourmet

In keeping with the theme of the O Gourmet Food Hall, almost all the service staff here wore green bandannas & aprons with the words “O Gourmet’ printed on them. Likewise for the packaging of the food too.

A slice of Heaven

The very pretty and unusually shaped Spanish chocolates is a good enough reason to return, especially with Christmas just around the corner. I saw jelly beans in a myriad of flavours & specialty hams like Serrano & etc too.

ps: I heart Bar Italia’s gelato & nearly split my mouth grinning when I saw their outlet here. That is so going to be a self-rewarding treat once I get my condo moving operation done. Yup, gelato for me and Unka on Sunday!!
pps: I can’t wait for the Streamyx installation at my new place! I will be sharing it with my housemates & we are so relieved to have proper Internet access soon!

O Gourmet Food Hall
Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC )
Jalan Maarof.