Dinner with One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro, Damansara Heights

So I have said that I will be dining Chef Baptiste Fournier’s menu last Mon night and here what’s I had!

My main course: One of his specialty dish – The Duck Confit de Cannelloni. (RM70.00++ ala-carte).

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-07

It was reputed that Baptiste Fournier’s cuisine is honest, fresh and surprising. After my dinner, I had to concur. His love for using the freshest & most natural ingredients is prevalent in his dishes.

That being said, if I were to sum up Chef Baptiste Fournier’s style of cooking, I would say that that is very much an expected trait; and very “French“. It seems that just like most top chefs I have met during my MIGF dinners and through some of my exclusive meals with Michelin Chefs like  Master Chef Benoit Vidal from France and the Celebrity Chef Stephen Mercer from Australia, all the best chefs believes in working with choice ingredients, and they can’t emphasize enough on the importance of how the best & freshest ingredients is the key element for great dishes.

Soup. Pea Veloute with Grapefruit Sorbet.

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-01

When presented with the ala-carte menu that night, familiar dishes popped up in my face. Duck confit, lamb cutlet, beef tenderloin. One Frenchy item was the pigeon, which was again reputed to be Chef Baptiste’s specialty.

I settled for Duck confit as my main, though for those who know me, my default choice would always be lamb. But I got an unexpected dining partner that night that  has placed his order for the lamb and he has happily agreed to share.

Starters. Carrot and orange tartlets. Spinach and mustard tartlets.

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-02

I much preferred the spinach and mustard tartlets to the carrot one; as the spinach tarts has a lovely unexpected flavour to them, thanks to the slight zing from the mustard.

The soup came shortly next, and the greenish brew had both of us taken aback. Well, you know what they say about not judging a dish by its looks, for this turned out unexpectedly refreshing, a delightful smooth (pea soups can be annoyingly ‘gritty’ in texture if it wasn’t pureed well) cold soup with a punch of tang from the grapefruit sorbet. Not much, but distinct enough.

Oh, seems that I have used the word “unexpected” twice for both starters. Kind of in agreement to what Chef Baptise’s reputation is – “Baptiste Fournier’s cuisine is honest, fresh and surprising” doesn’t it? :P

I have posted up on my FB wall about my dinner with Baptise the day I was due to meet him. I gave the option to my friends to leave a comment on my wall status should they have any question so I can ask him on their behalf. One such question was what was the 3 key ingredient that Baptise will always have stored in his fridge.

His reply was fresh vegetables, yogurt and parmesan cheese. When queried why; his answer was simply because all of these is good for making salads; revealing again his love for fresh greens.

Entree. Terrine of Chavignol Fromage with Flame Raisins et Sauvignon Cream. (RM 38.00++).

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-03

Again, very fresh taste in every element of this dish. The tomatoes were absolutely bleeding in flavour and the goat cheese was heavenly; soft and blended with yogurt, basil, thyme, chives and raisins to give it essence instead of the usual bland goat cheese.

Entree. Fondant of Escargots et Pork Trotter in Vegetable Jus. (RM 33.00++).

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-04

I think this was the only dish devoid of greens. Even then, there were parsley and sage foam and celeriac mousse; both of which I enjoyed, or it could be that I just as fond of greens as well.

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-05

When I read “escargot” in the menu, the vision of cloying, baked snails in cream came to mind. However, I just had to order this because of the words “pork trotter” and it turned out to be a good decision. When it was served, again it took us by surprise; a charred block of what could have been mistakenly labelled as burnt pancake. Unfortunately tastewise it was as charred as it looked, but Chef Baptise has clarified that it was meant to be hence rest assured it was no accident in the kitchen. The inner parts of it was darn tasty though, with gelatinous cubes of pork trotters and generous amount of delectable french snails.

MAIN: The Duck Confit de Cannelloni. (RM70.00++ ala-carte).

I find the duck confit a tad salty, again no thanks to my very sensitive and low salt tolerance palate. A guy on my right who ordered it earlier had given thumbs up to the dish though so I’m suspecting it’s just me.

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-8

By now you would have guessed right if you were to deduce that I liked Baptise’s food. It was nothing out of ordinary true, but yes it is honest, fresh and for certain dishes, does offer some pleasant surprises. Kudos to Mezze Bar & Bistro for hosting him & for keeping PRICES LOW for the rest of us. For a One Star Michelin Chef menu, the prices are on par (if not cheaper) than some of our KL fine dining restaurants!

Australian grass-fed Lamb Cutlet with Smoked Aubergine, Baby Beets et Flame Raisins. (RM 90.00++).

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-08

The piece de resistance of the night has got to be the lamb cutlet. Again Chef Baptise surprised us with thick round cutlets of sous vide lamb bordered with thick juicy melt in the mouth fat (I was expecting grilled lamb cutlets!). Utterly sinful but it was good! The meat were juicy, moist and pink.  The sides of fruity mango salsa and paired very well with the lamb.

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-09

 DESSERTS. Baptiste’s Fine Apple Tarte with Caramel Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. (RM24.00++)

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-12

Freshly baked apple tart with lovely layers of cripy pastry, unlike the usual tart crust. Good but a tad too sweet for me.

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-13

Baptise’s uncle was in town as well, showcasing their estate’s wines and pairing it with Baptise’s food.

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-10

I asked for a white, something fruity and not too dry but nicely rounded. I was then served the SANCERRE WHITE “FOURNIER” “Cuvée Silex”, a 100% Sauvignon blend. The estate of which the vineyard is located – Sancerre is best for the Sauvignon in the whole of France, as I was told by Claude Fournier, the President of FOURNIER Père et Fils.

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-11

Happy wackybecky with good food and lovely wines!

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-14

An even happier wackybecky with Claude Fournier and the Michelin Star Chef himself Baptise!

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-15

Stuffed, Baptise insisted that I sample another of his specialty – the Baptiste’s Signature Mustard Ice Cream with Cool Tomato Gazpacho (RM 28.00++).

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-16

The soup was poured around the mustard ice – cream right before my eyes and we were told to savour the ice cream and the gazpacho together & taste its unique blend of flavours. The mustard ice-cream may sound funny, but it was actually quite “saltish” with only very slight tinge of spice, barely noticeable if you were to taste it together with the tangy gazpacho. Again, this is something of a surprise twist to an otherwise cliche cold soup. Very well done Chef Baptise!  :P

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-17

Chef Baptise Fournier’s exclusive Ala-Carte menu for Mezze Bistro will be available daily for dinner, from 29th October till 3rd November 2011 with a special food and wine dinner night on Wednesday 2nd November 2011, 8pm, priced at RM350nett per person with wines and RM280nett per person without wines.

2nd November 2011, 8pm

Aperitif and pre-entrée

Frais Tireur (shooter) of the day

paired with Fournier Pere et Fils Louisette Viognier 2008


Á Peine Cuit Scottish Red Label Salmon with Celeriac et Granny Smith Apples

paired with Fournier Pere et Fils Sancerre Paul Vattan Domaine de St Romble 2009


Fresh grilled US Scallops with Jerusalem Artichoke in 12yo Balsamic

paired with Fournier Pere et Fils Sancerre Cuvee Silex 2008


Signature Fournier Coddled Organic Egg with Champignon et Petite Brioche

paired with Menetou Salon Fournier Pere et Fils 2006


Australian grass-fed Lamb Cutlet with Spinach, Chavignol Fromage & Smoked Aubergine


Duck Confit de Cannelloni

paired with Sancerre Cuvee 22 Fournier Pere et Fils 2008


Chocolate Pleasures with Praline et Hazelnut on a silky Dacquoise

paired with Sancerre Vendange D Helene Fournier 2005

with wines
RM 350.00 nett per person

without wines
RM 280.00 nett per person


For the ala- carte menu, please refer HERE!

Remember, he will be here til 3rd of November so do make your reservation FAST if you were to catch him in town.
Book at [email protected] or Mezze +603 2095 0122.

Limited spaces available, so please contact us to book at [email protected] or Mezze +603 2095 0122.

Venue: Mezze Bistro – 132 Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2095 0122
Web: www.mezze.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mezzebarbistro

Another of Baptise’s mains – the Australian Tenderloin Beef Angus with Truffled Royale Sauce (RM 110.00++). (This was a wrong order but I managed to capture a shot! )  :P

One-Star Michelin Chef Baptiste Fournier @ Mezze Bistro-06

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