Tommy Le Baker @ Viva Residency, Jalan Ipoh – Breads & Pastries

A self professed bread-whore, I love my breads and very little cheers me more (food-wise) than a good, hearty, freshly baked loaf.

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Thankfully for me (or maybe for all of us as well) a good number of artisanal bakeries sprouted up recently. I have been on the prowl, visiting each and stocking up on the breads. That probably explains why I’m ballooning, though these wheaty, bran-y baked goods are supposedly good carbs.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-25

Weight management issues aside, Hagen Bake and Brew remained one of my top favourites, and some others I visited lately includes Craft Bakers, PH Pastry House and Levain BoulangerieLevain Boulangerie was a revisit for me, in an attempt to comprehend it’s popularity and to check things out since my first visit was more than a year back. And yes, it’s popularity still baffles me.

Tommy Le Baker was on my radar for some time. Predictably, time was an issue, hampering my efforts to visit.

Thank god for the GPS. It may not be difficult to locate, but it’s not in plain sight either.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-31

Fortunately, last Saturday a fellow bread lover asked me if I wanted to go for breakfast, as he’s thinking of re-visiting the bakery. His previous visit left a good impression, and since he’s pretty knowledgable when it comes to breads, I trusted his feedback and made time for a Sat morning excursion to Jalan Ipoh, literally the opposite side of the state from where I am.

And that’s it. That’s all to the little bakery. Barely 5 tables available and open space dining with one fan twirling.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-5

Tommy does the kneading, shaping, and baking here. At 10am on a Sat morning, all the freshly baked loaves were ready and already on display at the bread counter.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-6

He does caters for functions and orders can be placed 1 day in advance. On the morning of my visit, his assistant was busy packing mini savoury bacon and mushroom quiches.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-7

My attention was riveted on these cones on the counter, which covers some delightful pastries.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh

Banana Tart. RM6.80.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-1

Quiche. RM8 or somewhere around there. I forgot to get the receipt from Tommy after we paid!

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-2

Walnut Tart (RM6.80), Almond Sponge Cake (RM6.00) and another one that I can’t remember..

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-3

Apple tart. (I think). Sorry, I was hungry! -_-

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-4

We started with the quiche, which was very well made and the vegetables retained its fresh texture and colour, unlike the usual cases with commercial quiches where the ingredients or vegetables are overly done to the point of  unrecognisable.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-13

Thumbs up for the thin pastry and generous amount of vegetables too! We noted and approved of the eggy and not overly creamy texture as well.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-14
My 2 breakfast partners had no complains of the banana tart while I thought it was saccharinely sweet. The roast beef sandwich came with pickles & a duo of mustard; one of them full grain. I’m not sure what’s Tommy’s obsession is with tomatoes, but every of our orders came with ample slices of tomatoes!

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-19

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-16

Roast Beef Sandwich (RM14.80).
Some cuts were juicy and pink while others were a bit dry, especially the cuts from the side of the roast. The baguette it came in with was dense and chewy with a nice, crisp chewy outer layer.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-17

More tomatoes with our Cheddar Cheese Croissant (RM6.80)! I’m not opposing it as I like my tomatoes. Just thought that it wasn’t a match for the this particular dish.
tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-18

We sent the croissant back to the kitchen to be toasted as I prefer it crisply toasted with melted cheese instead of having it the way it was originally served; just plain stuffed cheese croissant.
tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-20

I haven’t had decent croissant in years and Tommy’s was decent. The folds of pastry wasn’t as apparent, but it wasn’t as overkill on the butter as other bakeries’.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-22

Set of one baguette (RM3.80) + Butter (per serving @RM1.20) + Jam/Fruit Preserve @RM1.00/serving.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-23

This is another baguette that was made in a different manner. I can’t remember now as Tommy shared quite a bit about the starter dough and levain he uses for each of his loaves and I just couldn’t absorb everything. Anyhow, I much prefered the “baguette ” that came with the roast beef against this one. This one was much denser.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-21

I bought 2 loaves to go, a Wholemeal – Bran Loaf (RM4.50 @350g) and a Farmer Sourdough  (500g)  – (RM8.00) . Both has chewy crisp crust but I find that the insides of each slide is noticably chewy too. It’s much different from the cottony texture of our usual breads. While I’m not a fan of our generic, airy loaves, I’m not sure if I like them chewy either. At least for both I’m assured of high quality bran flour.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-29

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-24

Tommy Le Baker’s specialties include baguettes & sourdough bread. His bakery offers 2 types pf sourdough; a Country Sourdough (500g) @RM6.00; a – denser version compared to its counterpart the Farmer Sourdough  (500g) @RM8.00 which is lighter.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-26

Everything was fairly priced, considering the portion and quality. Same goes for the coffee.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-15

Total cost for our meal above (for 3 pax) was about RM46.50.

Below: The Menu.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-11

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-10

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-9

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-12

We did however, felt that Tommy’s baguettes were a bit off from the Parisien standard baguettes. We find it a tad denser than we would have preferred and the crust and crumb lacking in texture.
Here’s the 2 different make of baguettes available at Tommy’s.

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-27

tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-28

What constitute a good artisanal bread? Well, it’s detailed description would include meticulously describing the ideal crust and crumb (interior), mouth feel, aroma, and taste.
Let’s keep that for another post. Meanwhile, Tommy’s honed his art in France and his bakery may very well be the only French artisanal bakery in town. Do drop in and let me know if you like his breads!  😀

GPS:  N03° 10′ 39.50″, E101° 41’ 7.3″
Tommy Le Baker,
Viva Residency, Jalan Ipoh (opposite KLPAC), Kuala Lumpur.
Open Tues-Sun, 10am till evening.
Tel: 03-4043-2546
tommy le baker, viva residency, jln ipoh-8

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  1. Nikel

    wow.. just roti? no recommend beverage on that shop or nearby?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Coffee! And tea.Just like any cafes. No smoothies, fresh juice (except for bottled ones), or carbonated drinks.

  2. henrytan

    wow the sandwiches look delicious! altho i still prefer subway’s ! =DDD

    1. rebeccasaw

      LOL! Subway???
      O’Briens better, if we are talking about commercial sandwich chains.. but Subway..e rrmm.. hehehe

  3. ulric

    Wow…the sourdoughs looks good…I think I shud prefer the denser Country since I like chewier bread =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha.. let me give you the one i bought. I dont like it! LOL

  4. The Yum List

    Bread and coffee – what a great way to start the day. I like those little places that have a big NON commercial feel.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh you totally nail it! “NON commercial feel”!

  5. Michelle chin

    I have this sort of bread almost everyday in melbourne and i think it’s imperative that i come here. i think my parents would dig into this too.

    btw, lemon2go at shangri la makes pretty good artisan breads too. not up to melbourne’s standard but it’s decent for kl’s standard. 🙂 After 6pm, there’s 50 percent discount on breads. haha.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes yes! Do visit Tommy!
      lemon2go – yup I know about it but it was 9pm no? Now changed to 6pm?

  6. JunFook


  7. Simple Person

    I am a big fan of bread …
    d breads looks fluffy n soft…
    time to tried out others..

      1. Simple Person

        i know .. last time i work at segambut b4

      2. rebeccasaw

        Ahh ok!
        U got good makan places in Segambut to recom?

      3. Simple Person

        hmmm … yu ai seafood noodles (they got a branch @ SS2) then chicken rice @ Tai Shee Tau (Big Tree) Segambut.

      4. rebeccasaw

        Hahahha..Segambut so famous fr Yu Ai. Everytime I asked what’s to eat at SEgambut, everyone will say yu ai!
        Ok, noted on the chic rice. I think im interested in taht more!

      5. Simple Person

        Previously I work in a jap company. they send some japs over for training n everyday I have to accompany them to eat seafood noodles. i been eating for almost 2 weeks .. After that when i hear seafood noodles .. i run away.. LOL .. actually d chicken rice is so so only ….. u don’t have to travel so far to try it .. SS17 better.. LOL

  8. Akulah Pak Lan

    IF they could cut off the tree down, it would be better. People could see their shop better when passed by.

    Dont want to comment on the taste because havent try before =P

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, but the trees made it more charming somewhat…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Aww..thanks! 😀
      Makes the food looks better yeah?

  9. cutebun

    I am drooling now. Breads for breakfast is perfect! =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehe.. I think a lot of us love breads! Just that some prefer the soft, fluffy ones while some likes the wholemeal, levained types 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yups you’re right! Very fresh! The vegetables were firm and green still!

  10. Isaac Tan

    That’s some really good breakfast there! .. loads of it. whoa

  11. tykwang

    Oh my goodness, I live five minutes away and know nothing about this place not until I stumbled upon your blog. Lol, will head there first thing tomorrow. Thank you 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      LOL! Hello there 🙂
      So how was it? What did you order?

  12. tristupe

    My running friend’s friend place. 🙂 Wanted to visit it but always missed the opportunity. 🙂 He is on FB too.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahh yes! He did say he’s into running as well! 🙂 Figured that you would know him ;p

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