The Huskitory Cafe, Melaka : doggy cafe in Melaka

Out of the many cafes at Melaka one that is worth visiting is The Huskitory Cafe.

Its location isn’t as convenient as Taman Asean is quite a drive away (about 20 minutes from Jonker area) from Malacca city but its unique disposition makes it a novelty.

After all, how many dog cafes are there in Malaysia?
Maybe 4 -5 in the Klang Valley but none are huskies-specific. And for Melaka, this is the only pet cafe (no cat cafes as yet) in the state.

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Huskitory is primarily a pet store and pet grooming salon.
There are 9 huskies here for patrons to play with they are on rotation. Reservations are a must for weekends/PH (heard it is fully booked for weeks now), but it is quiet on weekdays, which makes it the best time for visits as you do not have to jostle with the other patrons for your playtime with the dogs.


I was there on a Wednesday and only 3 tables were occupied, including ours.
There is no minimum order imposed and food and beverages options are limited to cakes and drinks/coffee.
We ordered a drink and added a peanut butter & jam mille crepe (mille crepes are everywhere in Melaka!).
I’m not a fan of Nadeje, but these were not any better.

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But we are not here for the cakes. The coffee is Nespresso which it is of acceptable standard.
Food on the menu is for dogs, which I’m assuming that if you bring your furkids, that would be your kiddo’s meal.

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I posted some pictures on my FB and Instagram and some of my friends/ followers asked if the huskies are for sale.
Well, they are not. Privately owned, the huskies are just playmates for the patrons of Huskitory Cafe.

Feeding time is 5-6pm or 7-8 pm daily. This is the time you can see all the huskies at once.
We were there at 12 pm to about 2pm so we missed the feeding hour. The huskies are not running freely in the cafe though.
The first session is 1.30pm where one husky was released into the cafe. Yes, only one.

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This is Candy, a 2 year old female Husky. She isn’t excessively playful but friendly enough for you to hug and give chest rubs. This is obviously a safe playground for kids but under adult supervision of course.


huskitory cafe - melaka-007

The environment is cosy and the service friendly. Clear explanations were provided when Candy came out so the patrons know the do and don’ts of managing the dog.

Coffee: RM8.90
Mille crepe: RM9.90
Tax: No.
Service: Good and helpful.
Ambiance: Comfortable.
Parking : Roadside. Easy.

The Huskitory
75250 Malacca City, Malaysia
Hours: Tue-Sun: 12:30 pm-10:30 pm

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    So now we have made dogs become GRO…. next to a KTV perhaps?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Alan. Dogs and cats or pets cafes are a good thing for all animal lovers.
      As long as they (animals) are not abused. In fact they enjoyed the company and attention !

  2. eya

    it seems like your cafe have some tables, could it be some sort of study spot surrounded with pet? cause i used to study with animals around me. i got hamsters n cats in my house though. so would this cafe allow this, since dog is more friendly pet to cuddle to release some stress.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Eya!
      They won’t stop you if you do so, but bear in mind it is super packed on weekends 🙂

  3. Bavani

    Hi, do we have to book appointment to go in there and have fun with those furkids?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yes Bavani. On weekends it is encouraged for you to do prior bookings.

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