Tai Zi Heen, Prince Hotel KL – All You Can Eat Dim Sum Buffet

Prince Hotel KL Chinese Restaurant Tai Zi Heen offers a pretty value for money HALAL dim sum buffet at RM55++ (RM63.00 nett) on weekends. Starting from 1130am to 2pm, order & staple as much you could from its moderately extensive menu.

As with all buffets, there are hit & misses. Naturally, we hoped for more of the former than the latter.

Even with our expectations in check since we are all aware that this is halal fare, the general consensus among the 4 of us was “Ok“, “you get what you pay for“, “decent“; with some dishes bordering on inedible (our personal opinions ok) & some “good“.

Let’s begin with the GOOD:

Egg tarts were flaky & light with sweet centres. The Crispy corn flake-crusted tuna rolls were my fav. Crusty cornflakes encasing flaky tuna with chilli & chopped corn/carrots is hard to beat 😉 .

Tai Zi Heen dim sum6

Unlike the ones you get at “lok-lok” vans, these bouncy beef balls has a mild beef flavour & a smooth texture. I actually liked these.

Tai Zi heen - beef balls

Tai Zi Heen seems to shine in the deep frying dept. Generally these items left a more favourable impression on us; one for ingenuity of fillings, another for the masterful frying that leaves each morsel crisp but not overly oily.

Below: We had repetitive orders of  The Crispy yam puffs.

Tai Zi Heen - Wu kok

Prawn dumplings with jackfruit.

Tai Zi Heen dim sum4

Our choice from the fibres section was Braised mixed vegetables Lo Han style. We appreciate the fresh crunchy vegetables though the stock could do with a little less sodium.

Tai Zi Heen - vege lo han

Under the MODERATE category (can eat la..), we have :

The condiments that were supposed to compliment the dim sum actually does the opposite. The dark sauce was overly sweet while the chilli was weak. The dried chilli & shrimps one was alright.

Tai Zi Heen dim sum5

Steamed Chicken Siew Mai – I didnt try this but my dining companions said it was decent.

Tai Zi Heen - siew mai

Stir fried radish cake. Would have been better without the chicken meat floss.

Tai Zi Heen - radish cake

LEFT: Steamed grouper bean curd skin rolls with oyster sauce. I admit, the word Grouper got me excited. But honestly it could have been any other fish. Still, it wasn’t bad.
RIGHT: Steamed fish balls. Fishy enough, though my personal preferance goes to the ones that are white & smooth.

Tai Zi Heen dim sum fish

Pan fried chicken pot sticker (gyoza). Meaty & nice.

Tai Zi Heen dim sum1

Stir fried flat noodle with beef in egg white sauce. Too starchy. The beef slices were nicely tenderised with cornflour though.

Tai Zi Heen - beef hor fun

Congee with century egg – I wasn’t very pleased that it came warm. Porridge should be piping hot – that’s just me. Tastewise; it was very ordinary & Hon Kee Porridge is actually better.

Tai Zi heen - congee

Steamed chicken & dried shrimp dumplings with chinese celery.
This is as chinese as it gets with the fillings strongly reminded me of stir fry chicken due to the strong accents of chinese celery . Not a good idea as fillings in a dumpling, for there was more sauce than meat.

Tai Zi Heen dim sum7

TZH Shark’s Fin soup (limited to one portion per paying guest) has plenty of fins swimming in it, but unfortunately has a very run of the mill taste, bordering on thin & flavourless.

Tai Zi heen - shark fin

And lastly, the ones we wouldn’t recommend.

Cold Marinated Jelly Fish with peanut sauce. An acquired taste – it bordered on inedible and weird for us.

Tai Zi Heen - cold jellyfish

We ordered 2, one Rice rolls with fresh scallops (pic below) & another Rice rolls with shrimp. If you are expecting silky smooth sheets, you are in for a disappointment. Like we were. Thick, easily “broken” into starchy pieces rolls and scallops (that shapeless mass below) covered in flour left me speechless.

Tai Zi Heen dim sum9

Steamed crystal dumplings filled with shrimp & french beans.
The skin being too thick was an issue enough. The prawns, though fresh, had a coating of pasty white “flour” (as you see below, you can’t even make out the prawn!) that undermines its taste.

Tai Zi Heen dim sum8

Steamed fluffy BBQ chic buns. For dim sum, this is one of the litmus test items. Since this is in a hotel, I certainly had higher expectations. But the pau here is almost on par with the ones at other dim sum restaurants. Very very ordinary & the fillings didn’t seem too fresh/the meat a bit dried out.

Tai Zi Heen dim sum (2)

The same fate falls on the Steamed custard cream bun for the pau texture. As for the filling, we got “conned” (LOL!) by the description on the menu– “custard CREAM” , it says. That evoked images of scalding hot stream of custard cream flowing out upon halving the bun……….
Hence it was a rude shock to us to see this instead. The saving grace? The custard cream aka lotus paste (?) tasted ok.

Tai Zi Heen dim sum2

Chilled mango puree with ice cream, sago & pomelo
Lime aloe vera dessert
Chilled Cream Honeydew
Longan & sea coconut

NICE & refreshing: Lime Aloe Vera Dessert
So -so – Mango puree & the longan
Absolutely to avoid: Chilled Cream Honeydew. As I struggled to describe this, Jeremy got it down pat – “melted & DILUTED low quality vanilla ice cream.” Jo tried, “diluted coconut milk??”. Myself? I didn’t bother.

Tai Zi Heen dim sum3


Tai Zi Heen dim sum MENU

It says “Custard CREAM”… :unsure:

Tai Zi Heen dim sum MENU 1

Tai Zi Heen dim sum MENU 2

Tai Zi Heen dim sum MENU 3

Tai Zi Heen dim sum MENU 4

NOTE: This review only applies for the Tai Zi heen’s dim sum as I have not tried their chinese dishes before.

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  1. Sean

    That’s a lot of food for 2.5 hours! Can’t imagine eating dinner after that either!
    I can never remember which hotel chinese restaurants are halal and which are non halal…

    1. Rebecca

      Yes, we basically jz ordered everything on the menu ;p

  2. Michelle Chin

    I didn’t remember the rice sheet rolls being that bad…

    1. Rebecca

      It has gone down down down down down 😉

  3. minchow

    Gahhh… good thing you started with the GOOD… it progressively got more and more appetising for the average dimsum fiend! That floss on the fried radish cake is an abomination!

    1. Rebecca

      Some things just don’t go together hor?

  4. sophia

    You know you’ve just been spoiled with great food around you, right? I’ll die for all these food here, even the “bad” ones. 😉

    1. Rebecca

      Eh, that’s true. When I was in Korea, I thought I was gonna die… as much as i enjoy BBQ meats & burgers!

  5. Iamthewitch

    Yea there are always hits n misses in buffet. I simply loved the shrimp n jackfruit! So unique! Did u try the Siew long bau? Last time I went, perhaps 2 years ago, the skin was too thick n hard. Probably you’re right with them being better in the frying department.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Well, there wasn’t any Siew Long pau in the menu.

      Most of the items here can eat la. Value for money anyways.

  6. keith

    nice nice… only fried stuff are nice.
    nothing to shout about. only its kinda special. next time bring u to the one in puchong that is opened by my contractor. 🙂

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