Strangers at 47, Friends at 45 : 2016 new menu – new crepes, more savouries!

Strangers at 47 is one of the few cafes in Klang Valley that I hold in high regard.

This is my 4th visit over a year and both the food and service had never given me a cause for complaint, a testament to their consistency which is something very commendable.


The staff is well trained and it is obvious that they take pride in their work.
Genuinely cheerful, patience and helpful, they complete the Strangers at 47 experience; a place for good, inventive food at reasonable prices plus a nice ambiance. Customers can expect to be welcomed and treated like newfound friends, not just another paying patron.

I’ve tried some of their savoury crepes on previous visits but have lost the images since so I’ll just focus on my recent visits. 

One visit were for their Purple Rage (RM9.00) and the Cendol Cheesecake, which was totally mind-blowingly good for the price of RM14.00.

BELOWCendolier (RM14.00) – perfect balance of rich cheese yet not cloying, studded with generous chendol jellies plus home cooked red beans. A layer of gula melaka cream cheese frosting complete this slice of cake that celebrates local flavours with pride.


After enduring many ridiculous priced generic cakes at most cafes it was a pleasant surprise to enjoy a good cake, especially one that delivers what it promised, restoring my faith in KL cafes once more.

This pretty crepe, Purple Rage (RM9.00) tasted as good as it looks. The mash within was smooth, naturally sweet and the coconut cream with sago was a marvellous complementary component.

rebecca saw review - new menu 2016 - strangers at 47-001

I’m not much of a coffee snob and since an affogato isn’t quite a coffee but more of a dessert, I can’t say much about the beans here.


Shortly after this visit Strangers at 47 closed for renovations.

I awaited with bated breath for their re-opening, for it could only mean a fresh of fresh air for both the outlet and menu. Turns out that the outlet doubled its space, and the menu now offers more substantial meals rather than just crepes.

rebecca saw review - new menu 2016 - strangers at 47

Besides 2 new savoury and sweet crepes, the menu features roast chicken with a choice of 9 sides.

I couldn’t resist the “homemade achar” and added my favourite sweet potato fries.

As you can see from the video, the chicken looked borderline dry, but thankfully it wasn’t.

The marinate worked its magic so flavourwise it was superb.
If you have issues with eating chicken breast for your new “diet”, I’ll recommend you to head here for this.
It is so tasty that I’m sure you won’t have qualms about eating chicken breast for a while.

Not a breast fan (really?)? I believe you can request for the thigh as well.

rebecca saw review - new menu 2016 - strangers at 47-002

Spicy Cajun Chicken: 
Quarter 1 side – RM20.50
Quarter 2 sides – RM23
Half 1 side – RM28
Half 2 sides – RM32

Swirl pasta salad
Criss out fries
Tumeric fragrant rice
Mashed potato
Apple slaw
Crispy vegetables
Sweet potato fries
Housemade pickled acar
Sauteed mushroom

The sweet potato fries were beyond reproach while the fine achar deserves high compliments, very close to how a good Nyonya achar should be; sour enough, crunchy and addictive.

For dessert I couldn’t resist the new Matcha Lava Cake (RM13). And the team did matcha justice.

The matcha flavour is sufficiently satisfying for any matcha fan (I know some may prefer stronger but this is good for me) and the cake plus filling retains a bit of grassy, bitter-ish aftertaste so it wasn’t outright sweet.

I could finish the whole cake on my own, which says a lot since I have low tolerance for sugar.

rebecca saw review - new menu 2016 - strangers at 47-003

It was another happy experience for us at Strangers at 47, and there will be, most assuredly, more visits from us in the future!

strangers at 47

UPDATE: Previous visit for the

9th Jan, 2015.

Shore to Please – cajun prawns, battered squid, spinach, roasted cherry tomatoes, salted egg yolk.
Some cheesecake that I was excited about but ended up not liking it.

Strangers at 47 - cAKES -002

Strangers at 47 - cAKES -003

Strangers at 47 - cAKES

Strangers at 47 - cAKES -001

Strangers at 47

47, Jalan 17/45, Seksyen 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Waze: “Strangers at FORTY7”.
Tel: + 603-7497 2409
Mon – Fri: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm.
Sat – Sun: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm.
Off day: Tues.

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