Starhill Tea Salon on Bukit Bintang & Starhill Gallery – Authentic Spanish Churros

Starhill Tea Salon
‘The Finest Teas of The World’

The Starhill Tea Salon, opened a few months back, is the latest addition to Starhill Gallery. It is inspired by the fascinating history and culture of tea and is one of the first tea salons in Kuala Lumpur.
Located on the Indulge Floor inside the posh Starhill Gallery itself, the chic tea salon is a comfortable place to relax and perfect for a little afternoon tete-a-tete. I’m sure many agree with me, as the tea salon is abuzz with customers and activity each time I strolled pass.

** Pictures of the tea, macarons and their tea dining set to come soon.

For today, my highlight is specially on the Spanish CHURROS.

Yes, AUTHENTIC Spanish churros. Just like how Tan Sri Francis Yeoh had them during his annual trips to Spain.

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-17
Churros was added to the menu at the Bukit Bintang Starhill Tea Salon just recently. This particular “salon” right on the busy Bukit Bintang walk (next to Sephora Malaysia) has a Churros Cart attached with a deep frying machine, ensuring that your churros are freshly fried to order.

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-1

“It is as authentic as it can get,” Tan Sri Francis assured me. “We have flown in a spanish chef specifically to run things for the last week and the churros mix is a secret recipe that’s guaranteed to produce delicious churros, best eaten dipped in our special chocolate sauce” he added.

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-18

Meet Spanish Chef Geovanni, who fried our churros for us that day.

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-2

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-3

For the uninitiated, Churros are a Spanish dessert that resembles golden strips of deep fried pastry. It’s a delicious donut-like treat, great as a snack.
Deep-fried to a golden brown, it is usually rolled in cinnamon-sugar prior to serving. The churros mix are squeezed out through a pastry bag/machine pipe and fried in long ribbons. They are then served with piping hot chocolate.


* pic credited to google.

The churros I sampled here was different from the ones I tried at Molten Lava, 1 Utama and The Bee, Jaya One. Instead of short ribbons with grooves at its sides, the ones here are long; really long, and served coiled up on a plate. You dust the cinnamon or sugar as you like or you eat on its own dipped in chocolate.

An example: The ones served at The Bee/Molten Lava are shaped as such.


Below: The churros at Starhill Tea Salon.

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-4

If you surf around for churros on the www, churros comes in many shapes and sizes. Most importantly is the taste and texture of course.

The ones I had here had the chewy and “stretchy” texture very much alike our Chinese Crullers – or more commonly known as “yau char kway“.  The taste was almost the same too!  :P

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-12

Below: The prices for the churros. For my next visit, I’m going to try having it with ice cream! 🙂

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-10

On that afternoon, we dined outside on lounge chairs under shady umbrellas. But if you wish to have your Spanish Churros in the air-conditioned comfort of Starhill Tea Salon at the Indulge Floor, you can too. However, prices differs so do check prior to ordering.

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon

Still, I would recommend sitting al-fresco on the sidewalk especially during balmy evenings and nights. It’s the perfect venue to just chill and observe the world past by. Other than tea, fruit juices and coffee, take your pick of beers from the bucket.

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-6

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-8


churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-7

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-9

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-11

So have anyone here been to Spain? Eaten these scrumptious churros in the country itself? Do try Starhill’s Tea Salon’s ones and tell me what you think!  :P

Indulge Floor
Starhill Gallery,
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala lumpur

Contact No
603 27198550

Fax No
603 27157000

Operation Hour
10am – 1am

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-5

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-13

I have suggested to Sally and her team at the tea salon to have take-aways for the churros, since the outlet here is smacked right on the bustling street of Bukit Bintang. I’m absolutely certain this would make a delish on-the-go snack.

Here’s mine in a little brown paperbag!

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-15

Do eat it while it’s hot though. *hint*

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-14

One last picture with the churros and Chef Geovanni. He has gone back to Spain but we hope to see him again in the near future!

churros @ Starhill Tea Salon-16


All pictures taken with:

Samsung NX11

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  1. Sean

    heheh, the ice cream is a good idea, since it might be hot & humid outdoors! and that’s the biggest serving of churros i’ve ever seen! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw is huh? I prefer the smaller shorter ones though!

  2. JoinMe

    Hi rebeccasaw
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on, thanks. ^^
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  3. Nikel

    churros!! Dip with chocolate is so yummy yummy :good:

  4. -cher-

    Is it still there? i didn’t realised this shop when i was crossing from Pav to Uniqlo (or H&M that time). Either my eyes and brains are only imagining the shopping or it has moved to another place.
    I’m a big churros fan!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hhmmm.. I can’t remember either as I have not walked past that stretch for a while now! Or I was not paying attention -_-

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