Some Things Never Change @ TGI Friday’s Malaysia – dinner of ribs and Mocha Mud Pie

Other than the beloved phrase everyone utters in relief when the weekend comes around, TGIF is a popular casual dining restaurant that had its first outlet in Malaysia in 1994.
A decade later, there’s a TGIF branch in almost every mall in the country and some in office buildings.

TGIF food review - chicago ribs-002

My favourite orders were the ribs and I’ll always end the meal with a Mocha Mudpie. Yesterday I was in Mid Valley and decided to treat my friend to an indulgent mudpie since she was rather down in spirits lately. Sitting down, we started with the Mocha Mudpie but ended up with an order of ribs and a steak as well!

Nothing better than a gooey hot chocolate over ice cold ice cream to take away the blues yes?

TGIF food review - chocolate cake

Stack of BBQ ribs. Best eaten with the fingers.

TGIF food review - chicago ribs

Once I tasted meat I need more meat. So here’s a medium rare rib eye with sides of broccoli and beans blend (as per printed on the menu) and the mash. God I love mashed potatoes.


We polished everything off. While the BBQ Ribs (RM59.90) could be less stringy, the rib eye was medium rare as requested.

rib eye at TGIF Mid valley

But it was the Mudpie that did the trick. Some things never change.

TGIF - mud pie

What about you?
Does some things stay the same for you?

If there is, then keep things the same and win vouchers worth up to RM150 from TGIF!

Here’s how:
1. Dig up a whacky old photo.
2. Recreate it, make it funny & snap your photo!
3. Post your old photo and recreated photo side by side (Refer to postcard if confused).
4. Post it as a photo comment on TGIF Malaysia FB page – it must be on this thread –> .

Extra points if you’ve always had an obsession with TGI Fridays meals.

*T&Cs apply : 

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  1. i have nice memories of gatherings at tgif back when i was in my 20s (a long time ago, heh). and it’s always reassuring to know they’re around and still providing hearty fare … haven’t had their ribs in ages 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yups. we were all at TGIF at one point of our younger years one way or another 😛

  2. Gregory Loh

    RM150 only? Quite a lot of effort to dig up old pictures hahahah

  3. Carl

    Mine is the fajitas! Always order that whenever I’m here!
    to support their contest – will just let my nephew know, I can’t imagine myself shifting though GB of pics to enter this contest

  4. Veron

    Hmm.. the contest looks like fun. But wat old pictures?? LOL

  5. Carreylim

    I like the Visa contest better – lol the game is fun.
    But I did have good memories here at TGIF, one of our first few dates was here 🙂

  6. Melanie

    Always the burger for me. Previously there was a JD sauce , which is missing now

  7. Danny

    I prefer chillis somehow .

  8. Katerina

    We have TGIF in Jakarta too! My favourite is the ribs 🙂

  9. Marcus

    tgi fridays, always never hit the spot for me. no matter how often i try. it falls short. rasa, tawar.
    not sure whats the matter. many chances were given. now. avoid.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      I thought it was rather overly oily and seasoned.

      1. Marcus

        Well it didn’t taste right. I got and felt it was rather bland

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