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In support of a close friend who recently embarked on his own venture, I found myself in the unlikely neighbourhood of Cheras on a busy weekday afternoon.

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Now Aaron Quay is someone that I’ve respected as a dessert maven for some time.
Scroll through his pretty bakes on his Facebook here and you would realize that he isn’t a tenderfoot hoping to strike out on his own.

His past experiences include stints at THIRTY8, Grand Hyatt (yes, that place with that infamous chocolate cake with smoke) and Greenhouse at Muir.
He has been busy with consistent private catering for parties as well as customised cakes for special occasions.

And thus with this solid foundation Aaron founded Pretty on Plate.

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During the Chinese New Year period, he sent me some chocolate chips cookies as well as some nut bakes and I’ve enjoyed both.
It is not often that I enjoy chocolate based desserts or cookies, but Aaron’s stuff was aesthetically pleasing, not overly sweet or greasy and handmade from premium ingredients.

BELOW: You can buy both in vacuumed packs at Pretty On Plate.

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And thus when Pretty on Plate begin to welcome customers yesterday, I rounded up some friends to share the calories.

As with all cafes the shop was fronted with a chiller of pretty bakes tempting you to ditch all thoughts of diet.
Aaron’s forte, however is in his plated desserts.

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With past experiences in the hotel industry, he has the aesthetics down pat.

Each plated dessert was well, pretty on plate, for the lack of a better phrase.

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Taste-wise it boils down to the matter of preference since there are 5 different plates with each possessing distinctive flavours.
I would rate each plate commendable for effort – harmonious flavours plus good combination of textures with the use of “moss“, crunch and the interplay of hot and cold.

Cocoa fans would be delighted with the rich chocolate fondant or the chocolate brownie plate while those with a penchant for refreshing tang in their desserts would certainly enjoy the key lime tart plate, as my friend Gigi did.

Key Lime Tart with Graham Crackers, Coconut Creameux and Coconut Sorbet – RM25.

Pretty on Plate Maluri Cheras - pretty plated desserts-012

Chocolate Brownie with Caramelised Peanuts and Popcorn and Salted Caramel Ice Cream (RM25).

Pretty on Plate Maluri Cheras - pretty plated desserts-008

Chocolate Fondant with Berries, Raspberry Sorbet and Anglaise Sauce (RM25).

Pretty on Plate Maluri Cheras - pretty plated desserts-011

One can’t go wrong offering a berries-based dessert; as proven with the crowd-pleaser Berries Parfait with Almond Sponge, Berries and Cherry Ice Cream (RM25).

Pretty on Plate Maluri Cheras - pretty plated desserts-010

Now, what about the one who doesn’t like chocolate and abhor anything sour?

Well, she hogs the “Banana mousse with peanut butter moss, caramelised bananas and yogurt ice cream – RM25″.

Pretty on Plate Maluri Cheras - pretty plated desserts-005

So yes, there is a dessert plate to suit all palates here.
I personally love the peanut butter and banana combo, especially the peanut butter “moss” that was airy and melts quickly on the tongue leaving a lingering peanut butter taste.

Pretty on Plate Maluri Cheras - pretty plated desserts-009

Do note that these pretty plates are only available from 6pm onwards.
Hence if you are in the vicinity for some of Aaron’s handiwork earlier than 6pm, get yourself acquainted with his work by trying out the cakes in the chiller or the pretty assorted dessert plate for RM35.

Otherwise the countertop offers an array of brioche with assorted fillings and toppings.
Each of these goes for RM15 and is filling enough for one pax.

Pretty on Plate Maluri Cheras - pretty plated desserts

Pretty on Plate Maluri Cheras - pretty plated desserts-001

Enjoy your sweets with a nice cup of tea (Harvey and Sons), coffee or healthy cold pressed juices.

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For a cafe-hopping experience that is a bit out of the ordinary, Pretty on Plate offers that and more.
As this is still the first week of operation for them I believe there would be ongoing changes. Service is welcoming and attentive.

My concerns?
1. The price is a bit steep for the plated desserts; considering the portion served.
While I understand that (1) quality ingredients are used, (2) every plate is prepared upon order similarly to a fine dining restaurant, (3) every component on the plate is painstakingly made (some via technologically advance methods), the average customer might not be able to fully appreciate such details.

2. The brioche wasn’t as rich (buttery) as its name suggested and I thought it might have tasted better warm; versus hard and cold.
Now imagine a buttery warm brioche with cold ice cream.. mmmmmm

Pretty on Plate Maluri Cheras - pretty plated desserts-003

3. Aaron had said there will be more desserts in the coming weeks and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the creation of some unconventional desserts; perhaps something of a signature that will set Pretty On Plate further apart from other cafes.
No doubt the plated desserts concept is uncommon, but the 5 varieties offered centered around berries and chocolate (with the exception of key lime) which I thought was rather safe and universal.

That said, I wish Aaron and his team all the best and many thanks for having me!

For this week guests of Pretty on Plate can expect a complimentary Gula Melaka Macaron so do visit and claim that free macaron!


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Pretty On Plate
Shop Lot 03, Ground Floor,
Amaya Service Residence,
Jalan Jejaka 2,
Taman Maluri, Cheras,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
(The building is located behind AEON Supermarket Taman Maluri, and also opposite Ambank.)

Mon-Tue: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Thu: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Fri-Sat: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

CONTACT: +603-9201 6661

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