Peter Pork Noodles in Brickfields – the original

Peter Pork Noodles, the original - Brickfields

When one speaks of pork noodles in Klang Valley, Peter’s name is surely mentioned, and more often than not as one of the first choices.

Peter Pork Noodles, the original - Brickfields

Peter himself mans the stall in Money Corner, an old foodcourt located inside the car park at the bend of Jalan Thambipillay before it joins Jalan Vivekananda in Brickfields, just beside Legends Claypot Biryani.

money corner brickfields - food court - peter pork noodles

This foodcourt isn’t quite visible from the road, but is certainly worth the effort to locate.

Besides Peter’s famed pork noodles, the char kuey teow is recommendable as well.
All in all the variety here is actually of a respectable range; from Indian rice to pan mee and everyone’s favourite Hainanese chicken rice.

BELOW: This is what you should be looking out for – the Money Corner foodcourt. You wouldn’t have guessed it right?
To enter, walk in through where the 100 Plus umbrella is.

money corner brickfields - food court

The set-up is simple, just like any Chinese coffeeshop. Grab a seat, order your food/drink, pay upon serving and enjoy your meal.

money corner brickfields - food court -001

BRICKFIELDS - stalls at Money Corner Food Court

A more straightforward (or rather, more familiar/famous) location for Peter’s pork noodles is the Restaurant One Sentral just opposite YMCA.
The stall here is supposedly managed by a relative (Was it his son? I can’t recall.).

However we strongly suggest a visit to Uncle Peter himself for your fix of this slurpworthy, murky bowl of porcine goodness.

BELOW: Restaurant One Sentral just opposite YMCA.
This is also the restaurant where the famous Chiam Goreng Pisang (banana fritters) is sold.

Peter Pork Noodles in Brickfields - the original-001

How to get there: Peter Pork Noodles and Banana Fritters at Brickfields

Money Corner aka Mayflower Food Court
144A Jalan Vivekanda, Off Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur.

Directions: Take the train (Monorail or KTM or Putra) to KL Sentral Station and walk or take a metered taxi.

Map: Brickfields- Money Corner Foodcourt :

What to wear: Casual.

What to expect: A hidden trove of hawker delights. Other than Peter’s pork noodles, the fried kuey teow (flat rice noodles), yong tau foo and curry noodles are noteworthy as well.

Tips on safety, communication, ordering and directions:

Be aware of the blind that can be spotted taking their walks here. Be careful of your belongings as KL Sentral is a central transportation hub heavy with human traffic; both locals and foreigners.

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