MinMax Restaurant ~ PNB Darby Park : (halal) pork-free dim sum

I am one of those “weird Chinese” who actually do not mind pork -free dim sum.
For me the most important factor is the freshness and taste.
I find most dim sum served at coffee shops and small dim sum outlets (most of the traditional ones anyways) are ridiculously greasy.
And from experience, the prices are not much different from the dim sum served in restaurants or hotels.

My favourite non-pork dim sum is at Celestial Court in Sheraton Imperial.
I have since found another pretty decent one on the 6th floor of KL Sogo department store. Siang Restaurant is a Chinese banquet seating style restaurant that offers prepared-to-order Chinese dishes, another of their popular offerings is the dim sum.
The same can be said for MinMax.

MinMax Restaurant - PNB Darby Park halal pork-free dim sum-005

The dim sum menu is 2 pages and it covers all the basics of dim sum and a little bit more.
The prices are reasonable considering the portion, quality and taste. Service is tentative (we were there on a public holiday at 11am and it was almost empty) and the restaurant is comfortable; air-conditioned and brightly lit.
All in all, I didn’t have any cause for complaints.

MinMax Restaurant - PNB Darby Park halal pork-free dim sum 11

MinMax Restaurant - PNB Darby Park halal pork-free dim sum-001

Since it was a lunch for 2, I ordered moderately.
My favourite steamed fishballs was the first order of course. It was springy and there’s a good fish flavour to it.  The Har Gao (steamed prawn dumplings) was generously packed with crunchy fresh prawns and no fillers.
A small scallop sits ontop of each of the Steamed Stuffed Scallop Dumpling so yes, I did get what I paid for. The dumpling itself was meaty and tasty.
We ordered mostly steamed items and the order took a while to arrive so I’ll hazard a guess and said that all were steamed to order.

MinMax Restaurant - PNB Darby Park halal pork-free dim sum-002

My favourite on the table was the Pan Fried Meat Cake with Dried Shrimps & Chives in Sweet And Sour Sauce. Very savoury and tasty (no doubt due to the added dried shrimps), it wasn’t greasy though this was deep-fried.

The same can be said for the Shisamo Fish in Salt Pepper (RM8.90). I ordered this since it is not exactly common in dim sum menus.
Besides, RM8.90 for 4 fishes is a pretty reasonable deal.
It’s even better when they were  fresh, plump (with eggs) and addictive (if you’re a fan of this fish).
Lightly seasoned, the sweet flesh, crunchy bones plus eggs can be devoured in its entirety.
The Steamed Dumplings with Ginger Paste is another that I enjoyed but heck, I love anything with ginger.

MinMax Restaurant - PNB Darby Park halal pork-free dim sum-004

MinMax Restaurant - PNB Darby Park halal pork-free dim sum-003

Would I return?
Oh, definitely. 🙂

MinMax Restaurant - PNB Darby Park halal pork-free dim sum

MinMax Restaurant
Lot 2.1 Level 2, PNB Darby Park
Jalan Binjal
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Nearest LRT: Ampang Park
Open: 11 am onwards for weekdays and 8am onwards for weekends.

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  1. Siti

    Thanksto your recommendation my family went to Siang. Now this looks even better. Will go after my aunt and family come back to KL next week fr the Raya celebrations.

  2. Helmi

    One of my fav place too! love the lau sar bao!

  3. babyboby

    Yes minnax dim sum is very nice. Although made with chicken but on other days many chinese eat there. It’s a healthier version, a place where all people can enjoy. Chicken dim sum can be tasty as well if seasoned with the right amount of flavors. Thanks for your honest review.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      hi babyboby!
      Thank you for leaving a comment! 😀
      Yes I totally agree about the fab flavours of dim sum if done right. I never minded pork free dim sum myself! 😀
      I’m glad u enjoyed your meal here.
      Next time try Celestial Court too!

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