Mid Valley Food Court – Makan Place – cheap and good food!

Cheap and delicious food in a clean dining environment. That’s exactly what a diner can expect from Makan Place food court in Mid Valley.
While food and beverages in shopping malls can’t be expected to be hawker prices, the Makan Place proves it’s unique and offers exactly that.

Best of Halal - Mid Valley Food Court, KL-030

Both Malay and Chinese proprietors man the 20-30 stalls here. The dining area is right in the middle of the square with table and chairs pleasantly distanced for comfort and the cleaning workers are efficient in clearing the tables once it’s empty.

Best of Halal - Mid Valley Food Court, KL

As the food court is managed by the mall management, there are rules and regulations in place to ensure that the area is well maintained.
A team on site is in charge of the common dining area while every stall owner is responsible for their rented space.

All in all the result is an orderly and clean dining area.
Some of the stalls may be repetitive; especially the Malay economy rice stalls but every stall has a crowd, just in varying degrees.
The peak hours are conventionally during breakfast, lunch and dinner. But this place still pulls in the crowd at every hour of day as most stalls operate from morning until closing.

Best of Halal - Mid Valley Food Court, KL-007

Monday to Fridays is the busiest periods for Makan Place since it is a favourite among the majority of the working class in Mid Valley Mall.
For breakfast the nasi lemak and roti canai is a firm favourite.
I would recommend this stall. Although the signboard says something else, you can’t miss Husin in action flipping and stretching the canai dough from morning til close of business.
Husin’s 2 decades of experience was apparent in his superb roti canai and chappati.
Served with hot dhall the roti canai was wonderfully flaky and non- greasy. I gushed to Husin about the dhall which although wasn’t as thick as the ones I usually prefer, it was loaded generously with lentils and carrots. Husin said that the dhall is so good because they have their own unique recipe.

roti canai - mid valley makan place

roti canai - mid valley makan place-001

Best of Halal - Mid Valley Food Court, KL-014

Best of Halal - Mid Valley Food Court, KL-015

Best of Halal - Mid Valley Food Court, KL-016

Both chappati and roti is GOOD! 🙂

Best of Halal - Mid Valley Food Court, KL-022

An uncommon item here is the Roti Bawang Chilli which is chopped onions and spicy chillis cooked within the folds of the roti canai.
I asked how many roti canais are sold here in a day and he said about 600 pieces; and that’s roti canai alone, not including the chappatis.

Best of Halal - Mid Valley Food Court, KL-020

Best of Halal - Mid Valley Food Court, KL-012

A roti canai cost RM1.00, roti telur and chappati RM1.50 and the roti bawang chilli RM1.80.
You won’t get such good roti canai at such prices in mamak outlets, much less in a major shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur!


A snaking queue in front of this Nasi Goreng Ganja Meletup certainly piqued my curiosity.
I joined the wait and found out that their specialties are the Maggie and Nasi Goreng Ganja, with ‘ganja’ in reference to drugs as to explain how good and addictive it is.
Others queued for the aromatic soups and tom yam, which is usually served with a plate of white rice.
Prices for an individual serving start from RM4.50 to RM6.50.

nasi goreng ganja meletup - mid valley makan place

mee nasi goreng ganja - mid valley makan place

mee nasi goreng ganja - mid valley makan place-001

A friend of mine recommended this mee rebus (RM4.50) from Along stall. The unique factor of this mee rebus is the addition of peanut sauce into the gravy.

peanut mee goreng - mid valley makan place

Vegans are not forgotten with this Restaurant Blessing Tree Vegetarian stall. A plate of 3 dishes with white rice is only RM3.50.
There are over 20 dishes to choose from and the servings given are generous considering the price!

Best of Halal - Mid Valley Food Court, KL-009

Prices of food from the rice stalls are almost similar. Fish and chicken are about RM3.00 – RM4.50 per piece while rice is RM1.00 per portion and vegetables at RM1.00 – RM1.50.

Best of Halal - Mid Valley Food Court, KL-018

nasi luak- mid valley makan place

peanut mee goreng - mid valley makan place-001

As with all food courts, the ubiquitous chicken rice is not forgotten. This stall offers roast chicken, honey chicken and deep fried chicken.

nasi ayam - mid valley makan place

For RM5.90 I got a whole BBQ honey chicken thigh with fragrant oil rice and a side of soup.

peanut mee goreng - mid valley makan place-002

These are all just some of the stalls that are featured. There are a lot more so multiple visits to Makan Place is definitely possible. Besides food, there are stall selling newspapers, snacks, fruits and beverages.
This place isn’t glamorous, but it feeds the tummy and it feeds it well. 🙂

Makan Place Food Court, Mid Valley MegaMall
Location: Mid Valley Megamall (LG-Floor), 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 22845220
Opening Hours: 7:00am – 10:00pm (Monday – Sunday).

Halal Checklist:
Muslim Owned: N (Directly managed by Mid Valley Megamall management team)
Halal Certified: N
100% Halal Ingredients: Y
Cleanliness Grade – B
Serves Alcohol: N
Extra Comments/Notes:
Years of operation: >20 years

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  1. Carol Lee

    Well if you don’t mind the smell then this is a great place for a filling, satisfying & good meal!

  2. Lilli

    Yeps I eat everyday when I was working in MV! Always visit the roti stall too 🙂

  3. Ji-min

    Nice meeting you in Seoul BEcky!
    If I’m in Malaysia, please bring me to all these yummy places to eatt!

  4. We have Indian restaurants in Itaewon that sells kebabs and “nann” – flat bread. But I have not seen the “roti canai, thosai, chappatti” you say here..

  5. Kim Hanh

    Food courts in our shooping malls here are also popular with the working people 🙂

  6. Herry

    We love this place! We call it Hell’s Kitchen due to the warm sometimes hot surrounding. If you don’t mind people smoking.. this is a good place to eat… varieties and cheap too..

  7. Veron

    the peanut mee looks interesting! and the roti with egg is so pretty 🙂

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