Low Yong Moh Restaurant – Melaka for good ‘tai pau’ (BIG pau) and dim sum

I have a backlog of articles for my Melaka good food (subjective of course) guide and here I am back in Melaka again.
When will I ever finished posting about all the wonderful food I ate? 😀

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This week’s trip bought me to Low Yong Moh for their famed ‘tai pau’.
Being a breadwhore I decided to buy almost every other pau they offer.

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The tai pau is RM2.80, not BIG in size but big in quality.
While most big pau have a mixture of fatty chunks as well as meat, this was almost entirely lean meat.
When I picked one up I realized it was rather heavy-bottomed. Perplexed, I peered closer and noticed the skin sagged slightly at the bottom. I suspected that it had some gravy from the meat but I didn’t expect my hands to be flooded with the gravy when I tore the skin apart!

low yong moh restaurant - melaka for good pau dim sum-006

The gravy scalded my fingers but the burst of aroma from the pau quickly made me forgot everything else.

low yong moh restaurant - melaka for good pau dim sum

All the pau skin shared the same attributes; soft, fluffy and yet had a bit of chew before yielding to the teeth. We enjoyed the big pau hot from the steamer but the rest was take-aways.
Nevertheless the pau skin remained soft even when it was cold.

low yong moh restaurant - melaka for good pau dim sum-005

The big pau is savoury sweet and just a nice size for me. The Char Siew pau fillings are Low Yong Moh’s original recipe. Rather than the common sticky sweet and red char siew, this is cooked in their secret sauce and the texture is akin to shredded pork rather than chunks of meat. The sprinkling of sesame seeds added a mild nutty flavour.

low yong moh restaurant - melaka for good pau dim sum-009

The pork belly (RM1.40) is a bar of lean meat with the meanest top of fat. This is heart attack in a bun, literally.

low yong moh restaurant - melaka for good pau dim sum-007

low yong moh restaurant - melaka for good pau dim sum-008

Corn custard pau – RM1.20. The custard is made in house as well.

low yong moh restaurant - melaka for good pau dim sum-010

As we ate our paus, I chatted with one of the ladies and she shared that Low Yong Moh Restaurant had been in operation for the last 60 years and it is one of the oldest dim sum restaurant in Malacca.
The outlet is like an old-fashioned rustic tea house. Freshly steamed or fried dim sum are bought on a tray from table to table for the diners’ convenience. Prices ranges from RM1.00 to RM4.00.
Looks like I found a place in Melaka for dim sum! 😀

low yong moh restaurant - melaka for good pau dim sum-002

Low Yong Moh Restaurant
32, Jalan Tukang Emas, 75100, Melaka, Melaka, 75200, Malaysia
Phone:+60 6-282 1235
Daily 5.30am – 1pm
Closed – Tuesdays

Read more of my What to Eat/Good Food in Melaka Guide here –> https://www.rebeccasaw.com/melaka-what-to-eat-food-in-melaka-that-i-have-tried-2/

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  1. ooo, this brings back good memories! my family used to buy these big paus after church on weekend mornings, and everyone loved them. i haven’t had them in years! i used to love especially the slice of hard-boiled egg inside. so glad that you enjoyed them too and that these paus are still being made in malacca 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Oh the very same shop yes?
      I’m sure I can tapau some back fro you the next round. we wanted to pack some, but it was closed on the day we left Melaka!

  2. agnes B

    Oh, that big pau looks so scrumptious! Absolutely mouthwatering!

  3. Natasha

    Delicious…will go one day!

  4. Francesca

    I love dim sum!
    This rustic, old school shops serves them best.

  5. Veron

    Love such long traditions kind of venues, those that we never quite forget no matter where we go and how old we grow.

  6. Clarissa

    Dim sum and paus are another of my weakness.
    But i have never heard anyone blogged about this place. It must be quite hidden?

  7. AmberG

    I’m surprised. I have not seen other blogs that feature this outlet. Yet the food is good right? I like your blog, you do feature less known but good choices

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