How to know the names of Chinese/Nyonya/Malay Kuih

I can’t remember or I get confused myself sometimes. And as a Malaysian,I should be able to name my kuih!

Anyhow, I found these online (just in case I get accused of plagiarism, these are NOT MINE) and I’m sharing it on my blog as a reminder and reference for myself.
I saved these months ago and I can’t remember where it was from. Do point me in the right direction if you know so I can credit the creator/site. 🙂

*Edit: As per comment in this post, I was informed that the original artist is Lee Xin Li (

nyonya kuih guide2

nyonya kuih guide1

nyonya kuih guide

And this is mine. I took this picture when I was in Melaka.

nonya kuih

Please let me know if there are any kuih missing here so I can add them in! 🙂

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