Good and cheap nasi lemak in Melaka for breakfast – Nasi Lemak & Minuman Ah Ho

I got Cerventus to thank again for this.
After ONE visit, I got hooked and now Ah Ho Nasi Lemak is one of my favourite breakfast spots in Melaka. Heck, Ah Ho might possibly be serving the best Chinese version nasi lemak in Melaka, for other than the Malay variant available at Ming Huat in Pasir Ujong I don’t think there are any other around that offers the same?
Well, if you have any to recommend, I’m all ears!

best nasi lemak melaka - Ah ho

Step into the shop and you will realize that this is a coffeeshop style establishment with only ONE food option/stall.
It is Ah Ho’s nasi lemak, and well, Ah Ho’s nasi lemak.

best nasi lemak in melaka-005

My standard order is rice, sambal, chicken, squids, long bean and egg but one of the best reasons to head to Ah Ho Nasi Lemak is for the variety available which could potentially suit all appetites and tastebuds.

There is bound to be something that would catch your fancy; be it spicy or non-spicy, curries or fried, meat-free or to go all out on the meat/seafood.
The fried fishballs, sausages and fishcakes would appease the kids while the adults can enjoy everything else.

best nasi lemak in melaka - ah ho

Whatever is it, Ah Ho’s signature fried chicken is a must have. On most instances it is piping hot as it is replenished every 15 minutes or so due the demand.

The skin is crispy, the marination light so the flavour of the meat is unmasked yet enough to provide taste and the texture is perfect; moist and tender all the way to the bone.
The chicken is undeniably fresh, for there were no odour or bruised/dark coloured flesh within.

If you want another option for chicken, the curry chicken is quite appetizing as well with its heavy turmeric nuances. I personally found it a bit salty.

best nasi lemak in melaka-007

BELOW: Juicy to the bone with crispy skin – good stuff!

best nasi lemak in melaka - ah ho -003

best nasi lemak in melaka - ah ho -002

BELOW: Chicken Curry.


For fish, your options are the stuffed fish with chilli paste, normal fried whole fish as well as fried fish cutlets.

best nasi lemak in melaka-001

I like the squids better, but there is cuttlefish too if you prefer that. I would recommend the sambal cockles (kerang) too.

best nasi lemak in melaka-002

All the fried processed items are not my kind of food, but hey, if you enjoy them, go ahead.

best nasi lemak in melaka-003

Say hi to this friendly, hardworking guy who serves each and every order.

best nasi lemak in melaka-004

Now, while having plenty of dishes to eat with your nasi lemak is a good thing, an excellent serving of nasi lemak should possess at least 2 of the core basics; aromatic, non-greasy fluffy rice and thick, punchy sambal.

Ah Ho’s sambal strikes a good balance; enough heat for chilli lovers but still tongue-friendly to diners with low tolerance of spice.
I personally love my sambal fiery but I enjoyed Ah Ho’s sambal nonetheless.

best nasi lemak in melaka

best nasi lemak in melaka-006

best nasi lemak in melaka - ah ho -001

best nasi lemak in melaka - ah ho

Pretty reasonable I would say for the portions. Our meals with 2 pieces of chicken and various add-ons rarely surpassed RM20.
I’ll get a breakdown of each item soon, for I rarely paid whenever I eat here and though I did wrote down the prices somewhere, I’ve misplaced my notes!

Nasi Lemak Dan Minuman Ah Ho
Jalan Gajah Berang, 75300 Melaka, Malaysia
Phone:+60 6-281 4853
Waze: ” Nasi Lemak Dan Minuman Ah Ho”
Hours: 8am til finish – 12pm or so.

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  1. gideon

    you already try malay and Chinese version of nasi lemak, maybe you can try nasi lemak kukus nyonya? should try their sambal udang and kerang, ayam goreng.
    location same row with taman merdeka caltex, very near to pasar borong.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Alrighty Gideon! I’ll be contacting you for the opening time – heading to Melaka next week! 😀

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