Family Mart Mid Valley – What can you buy?

I was a guest during a preview session for the Family Mart in Mid Valley last week.

From what I could recall from my visit to the Lim Foo Yong outlet, I would say that the items available in both outlets are similar though in terms of space, the Lim Foo Yong outlet is slightly bigger.


Originatedly from Japan, Malaysia is Family Mart’s 8th country after Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Particularly famous for its ready-to-eat food, Family Mart Malaysia is similarly stocked with Family Mart’s signature oden, bento, onigiri, sofuto ice cream, sandwiches, breads and noodles.

All items in their food service and ready-to-eat food selection are made exclusively with HALAL ingredients.
The products available in both stores that are already HALAL certified carries the HALAL logo on its packaging so Muslim customers can be assured to buy and consume ‘tanpa was-was‘.

However, for imported products, the Family Mart management have vetted the product ingredients carefully to ensure that there are no haram ingredients.
As precaution, they advised customers to read the ingredients information on the packaging carefully before purchasing.
If unsure, do seek clarification from our friendly staff”, the Family Mart representative had said.

ITEMS available at the Family Mart Mid Valley outlet:

Ready to eat section:
Choose from soupy hot oden to crispy items such as chicken karaage, katsu chicken (I recommend this!), fish balls and cheese frankfurter.
The hot food section will be replenished all day long, but pre-packed items like sandwiches and single-pack meals are delivered fresh from their central kitchen to respective Family Mart outlets once daily only.

Hence if an item is sold out, it is sold out for the day.

The oden section is one of the key feature of all Family Marts.
The original soup which is cooked using kombu and dashi (among other ingredients) is a standard in all Family Marts though for Family Mart Malaysia, it offers a spicy tom yum version too!


A lover of fishcakes, the oden section was a highlight for me too. My pick would be the large flat fishcake plus the onsen egg.


Look at that egg. That’s a nice molten yolk isn’t it?
As for the fishcakes, I was pleased to find the paste to be of decent quality.


Another thing I like about Family Mart?

The salads. 
For RM4.90 or RM5.90, you have a choice of 4 salads (chicken slice/potato/wakame/pumpkin).
Now, how many convenience store can claim to offer fresh salads at such reasonable prices?


There are a total of 9 types of sandwiches available (Teriyaki Chicken – RM7.90, Chicken Katsu – RM7.90, Crabstick Mayo – RM4.90, Chicken Ham and Cheese – RM4.90, Egg Mayo, Sardine Mayo, Chicken Mayo, Vegetarian) and my personal pick would be either the Chicken Katsu or the Teriyaki as both are the meatiest of them all.

The breads used are baked in the central kitchen and is pleasantly soft while the ingredients in each sandwich was of substantial amount.
Yes, the sandwiches can be considered a filling snack.



Quick, on-the-go hot snacks includes dim sum and a range of skewered items.
Personally, I’m all for the Katsu Chiki (RM3.90/pc). You can select from cheese frankfurter to seafood tofu to a variety of fishballs.



For the single serve meals, you can request for it to be heated up for you. A pair of fork and spoon will be provided as well.
There is a small dining area within the outlet if you need to dine in.


On budget?

The RM2.00 Nasi Lemak Bungkus will do nicely!


Grab yourself a drink – from imported beverages (banana milk anyone?) to freshly made coffee based drinks and alcoholic beers, Family Mart has it all.



For lighter bites, there are over 20 types of ready packed freshly baked breads.




Imported Japanese snacks:


The Family Mart Collection snacks.





Family Mart collection teas:


Other beverages:


Other snacks:


Family Mart stocks frozen edamame which protein freak me grabbed 5 packs of 500 g, each priced at RM10.50.


The sofuto (Japanese soft serve) comes in 2 flavours – French Vanilla (RM1.90) and Matcha (RM2.90).
There is an opening promotion for 50% off each so for RM1, you can enjoy creamy, not-overly sweet French Vanilla soft serve!



NOTE: Here is a review of the Family Mart in Wisma Lim Foo Yong –>

Location: 1st floor,
North Court next to F.O.S kids & teens
Warung, KTM Komuter
Opening hours: 6am – 11pm

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  1. Michael

    Wah Pandai makan. So many food selling in Family Mart.

    How was the ice cream?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Michael! The soft serve were good! smooth on the tongue, creamy and my French Vanilla wasn’t too sweet and the vanilla flavours pronounced. 😀

  2. Sh Kamilah

    omg i pass by family mart a lot but never actually went there, now im intrigued. thanks! ❤

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