Family Mart Malaysia @Wisma Lim Foo Yong : What to buy?

The famous Family Mart from Japan opened its first outlet in KL mid November.
As expected of crazy-about-everything-Japanese Malaysians, hundreds of them flooded the store on its opening day.

Based on Family Mart Malaysia FB page, it had to close earlier during the first week as stock was swept off the shelves.
Well, Family Mart was certainly drawing in the crowd!


Curious myself, I decided to head to Family Mart to check out the outlet. As of today, I’ve visited both the Lim Foo Yong
I’ve been to the one in Japan so I had wondered if the Malaysian ones are similar.

Just like the many of you, I’ve realized by now that 60% of the items in store are local stuff.

Well, the Family Mart Malaysia representative had explained that it would realistically offer local items (food and non-food) as Family Mart aims to be a convenience store for all Malaysians.
Walking into a Family Mart in Malaysia, a customer can indulge in Japanese beverages and snacks, but will also be able to find local, familiar items.

So, what are the Japanese items you ask?

Well, patrons can expect fresh bento sets, sandwiches, salads, sushi and onigiri (rice balls), the Family Mart collection snacks, some Japanese ice cream, Japanese desserts, the ubiquitous oden, the sofuto (soft serve) and Family Mart collection tea.

BELOW: Sandwiches. RM4.90.


Hot, fresh dim sum.



Household items.


The Family Mart Collection beverages imported from Japan. These are unsweetened teas which are great for the weight-watchers!


Thinking of whipping up a quick Japanese meal? Check these out!


I’m eying that Matcha and Almond Haagen Daaz flavour one!


Well, one Japanese ice cream spotted.
Because everything else was sold out!


Conveniently packed ice for RM1.50.
Just like in Japan, there are single serve ice for the consumer to pour their chosen beverage into should they require it.


The Family Mart Collection snacks.


If you fancy Family Mart coffee beverages, prices starts from RM5.50.


Ah, let’s not forget the famous oden.
In Japan it is only the original stock (cooked with dashi, kombu among other ingredients) but in Malaysia, we get Tom Yum too!


Price are as below.


The ready-meals are some salads, mee siam, Japanese curry bentos, nasi lemak and more.
Price range are at RM4.90 – RM9.90.


Nasi Goreng Ayam Jepun.


Teriyaki Chicken Set for RM9.90 – sufficient for a meal.


The breads. There were over 20 types and the more notable ones were the melon pan, puchi mochi pan and matcha roll cake.


There is a section for dine-in but I saw many families, groups of friends gathering outside at the bus-stop (I’m not joking) and under the trees just outside the shop to eat whatever they purchased.



The perpetual queue also means that going with partners or in group might be wiser.
Get someone to queue while you browse and alternate the roles as just queuing up to pay would take 30 minutes at least.


As a convenience store, Family Mart does fulfil its role as it carries grocery items like bread, toiletries, stationaries to food and a wide variety of drinks but if you are expecting a “Family Mart like the one in Japan”, well, it is not.
But think of it this way, it does offers Japanese snacks, fresh convenient meals, hot oden, chicken katsu, onigiri, Japanese type breads and Japanese desserts which admittedly, not offered by other convenience stores within Malaysia.

QL Resources Berhad, the master franchisor of Family Mart in Malaysia aims to have 300 FamilyMart stores within the country in five years so we can rejoice in having many Family Marts everywhere soon!
Imagine getting creamy matcha soft serve and hot oden anytime, anywhere!

NOTE: Family Mart opened an outlet in Mid Valley this week!
Check it out here –>

Family Mart
Wisma Lim Foo Yong,
Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.

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