Dim Sum in IPOH 2019: Pork free dim sum at Canning Dim Sum

Verdict: Great option for PORK-FREE dim sum in Ipoh, undoubtedly better in taste than Greentown and not as expensive as Weil Hotel. 

Personally for me a one-time visit is enough, not because it was bad but since I can enjoy pork, there’s plenty of nice PORK dim sum options available in Ipoh.
If you’re interested to know, my personal choice of pork dim sum in Ipoh are Zui Le Xuan, 
Hong Xing (Bercham), Chooi Yue, Dynasty Palace, Yuen Dim Sum, Lok Hin and Sun Kim Aik.
Also, I pay for my meals just like any other ordinary diner and the reviews are based on my personal palate. I encourage you to be your judge and try those dim sum yourself (or take a cue from the images to see if it is worth visiting).

You can check out my list of 12 Ipoh dim sum outlets here too: https://www.rebeccasaw.com/ipoh-best-dim-sum-10-dim-sum-restaurants-to-try/
I’ll have to update this list of 12 soon as I’ve missed out a few but give me until end of March to do so ok! 🙂

Now back to Canning Dim Sum.

I ordered a total of 6 dim sum starting from the basics of siew mai, fishballs, char siew bao (chicken version here). I’m not a fan of greasy stuff but Wu Kok (fried yam with char siew meat filling) is a personal favourite. Besides, it served as a yardstick of the fried items here.
My next choice was one of Canning Dim Sum signatures – the cute carrot which was making its way around Facebook and Instagram. Last but not least, the “xiao long bao” (Shanghai dumplings) which I thought was an uncommon item and thus worth a try.

Other popular items are the multi-colored har kow and their signature 5 flavours of Lau Sa Pau (molten fillings baos) oozing with black sesame, salted egg, lotus, chocolate and yam.
However these 2 items come in a set and there’s no way I can finish those alone. Besides, those 2 are all over the internet already so I figured that I’ll try other items.

The siew mai (meat dumplings) – RM5 and fishballs (RM5) were passable; neither bad or great.
In fact the fishballs look similar (slightly oblong with green peas) to the ones I had at Foh San, BFB, Hong Sing and Chef Fatt. Well, they tasted similar too. I’m a big fishball fan so I assure you that I do remember how they taste like, or you can check my individual postings on those dim sum outlets and reference the fishballs images.

The char siew bao was a pleasant pork-free version, moist, not overly sweet or saucy with substantial amount of meat. Not bad at all for RM5.50 (for two) though the skin was a bit thick.

The same can be said for the Wu Kok (RM5.00). It was crispy, non-greasy, served hot and packed with meat.

The Carrot – RM5.50.
Order this if you need a pretty picture. The skin is crispy and chewy; a bit like mochi and served hot, it was delightful to chew and savour the soft skin and the sweet carrots fillings within.

Last but not least was the Shanghai Chicken Broth Dumpling – RM6.50.
This was delightful. The stock was tasty with substantial amount of meat plus the skin was nice and thin.

I chose to dine outside but the air conditioned inside should be more comfortable. However it was packed on weekends so I much preferred the space outside, especially during early mornings.

Here’s more images that I managed to take while the servers were making their rounds with the dim sum trays. Everything looked fresh and well made for sure.

Hmm… if I’m here again I’ll like to try this. I love anything steamed with ginger! 🙂
Oh this is steamed chicken with ginger by the way, in case you can’t tell.

Gosh, it was tempting to order everything! But I was happy with my choices.
I had a relaxed meal; taking my time to savour my breakfast and enjoying the fresh air since I was seated outside. Service was brisk and friendly.
I also took the opportunity to take some photos around their “Instagrammable” garden, which is another plus point for dining here; it is a great place for OOTDs! 🙂


All in all, the food at Canning Dim Sum Cafe is pretty good and is worth a visit if you’re seeking pork-free dim sum in Ipoh. You have 3 pork-free options in Ipoh now: Greentown , Yuk Sou Hin @ WEIL Hotel and Canning Garden.

Location and Contact:

Canning Dim Sum (pork free)
No. 1, Lebuh Cecil Rae, Taman Canning,
31400 Ipoh.
+605 541 5556
Hours: 6.30am-2pm; Off on Wednesday.

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