CLIQUE CLINIC: Review of PICO Genesis Laser in Malaysia

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Yes, I’m back at Clique again!
Actually, ever since my successful Coolsculpting procedures in 2014 I’ve been a staunch supporter of Clique’s aesthetic treatments.

For 3 years since, I’ve had dermal fillers done (using Neauvia and Belotero) besides regular PRP as well as Q-Switch sessions.
Those are mostly for my face, since my major concern was aging and I’ve had professed desire for clearer, radiant skin.
The Clique team understood my concerns and limitations and had always only recommend necessary and suitable treatments. I’ve since grown so comfortable and assured with Clique services that I’m rather reliant on Dr Lim’s and Dr Bob’s professional insights and advice.

The recent breakthrough for Clique was CUTERA New PICO Genesis™ Treatment with enlighten™, the most advanced laser system for removing stubborn skin discolouration and unwanted tattoos.

PICO is said to be an “advanced ” form of laser compared to the Q-Switched.

Since Q-Switched was my to-go-to laser spot-removal procedure prior to this, I was intrigued as to how PICO is considered a superior laser option.

I’ve personally had PICO Genesis Laser done twice; once at the beginning of March 2017, then again at the end of March 2017.

PICO Laser Clique REVIEW

I’ll be sharing my BEFORE and AFTER images soon but meanwhile, this is what I learnt of PICO after I attended the launch last week.

CUTERA New PICO Genesis™ Treatment with enlighten™

clique clinic PICO laser


PICO is an innovative procedure using dual wavelengths and ultra-short laser pulses to improve skin tone and complexion. It is non-thermal, non-surgical and non-invasive laser.


How does PICO Genesis work?

The laser beam shatters the unsightly pigmentation (under the skin) to reveal a brighter, uniform complexion.


Which part can PICO Genesis help me?

Enlighten™ PICO Genesis™ is a NEW, non-thermal, non-surgical, non-invasive laser specifically for the treatment of:

1. Melasma
2. Sun damage
3. Freckles
4. Acne scars
5. Uneven skin tone
6. Dark patches and spots
7. Age spots
8. Liver spots
9. Poor skin texture
10. Tattoo removal

It is effective on the face, décolletage, hands and most body areas! 



Why should you choose a Pico Genesis laser treatment?

It’s important to consider your options. Face-lifts, fillers, and toxins are associated with significant downtime, risks, and side-effects. Patients often consider these treatments a “last resort.”

The first step to achieving a more youthful appearance, or just tweaking some trouble-spots may be a Pico Genesis laser treatment.


It is suitable for any age, but recommended for those above 20 years old.


Clique is proud to be the first in Malaysia to offer this amazing treatment.
To find out more, make your appointment now by calling 0379601211 or message Clique Clinic on

Don’t be shy please!
It is fine to ask the Clique team questions and even send them images of your face/skin, scars or tattoos. The best method would be to make an appointment for consultation so the team can evaluate for certain on your exact needs. 

If you are seriously considering facial brightening and to remove stubborn brown spots and freckles, PICO Genesis promises ** to be the MOST ADVANCED laser procedure available now.
(** efficacy is dependant on individual skin condition)


Prices starts from RM1XXX BUT (yes, there’s always a but) please keep in mind that it is not possible to provide a single price unless a consultation is done.


While my Boletero/Neuvia dermal fillers will last for months and the PRP and Q-Switch sessions worked its magic, I’m thrilled that PICO Genesis as it is faster to achieve my goal of clearer skin and overall radiance.

Rejuvenation procedures on my face is a routine of mine as I’m a firm believer of looking presentable.
I’m sure looking presentable is important to you too? 🙂

RebeccaSaw Clique Clinic

Clique Clinic
No. 4, Jalan 19/36, Seksyen 19,
46300, PJ, Selangor, Malaysia.
Waze: Clique Clinic“.
Tel: + 603-79601211
Hours: Daily: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm.

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