Checking out cafes in Section 17, PJ : JEQ In The House

Now, when did I start to get interested in cafe hopping again?

Well, since I got tagged on that “says” article by my coffee-loving friends Ivy and Kevin, and though I was quick to disregard it (heck, don’t you agree that those damn clickbait articles are just annoying?), I thought a few was worth a visit after a quick glance through the list.

So last Saturday I hopped into Second Sunday at Damansara Jaya.
On Sunday, I was here at JEQ In The House.
Yes, admittedly all not far from my home and doesn’t involve any more than a 20 minutes drive; because running a few businesses simultaneously doesn’t leave you much time for traffic jams.

Cafes in Section 17, PJ  JEQ In The House -011

It was lunchtime when we stepped in, and as expected the little space was packed.
We were served very promptly though and the warm and welcoming smile by one of the staff gave me good vibes as a start to this visit.
She politely asked if we don’t mind the “by the window” seat, and assured us that we will be given a “proper” table once one becomes available.

Cafes in Section 17, PJ  JEQ In The House -007

I found out after 10 minutes that this sunny, long stretch right facing the shop front is pretty cosy and away from the main dining area which offered some respite from the din.
But she kept her promise and did inquire about 20 minutes later if I would like to move to a vacant table, which I replied that I’m fine, for I’ve made myself comfortable and didn’t wish to join the mad crowd.

I’m obsessed with all things matcha currently, and a hot Green Tea Latte [RM 10.00 ++] was my first order.
The rest had an iced matcha latte (RM12++) and an iced latte (RM10++).

Cafes in Section 17, PJ  JEQ In The House -001

The drinks were passable, though Fon remarked that ordering an iced matcha latte was a bad idea because it dilutes really fast since the flavour wasn’t strong in the first place.
Mine was fine, while the iced latte owner didn’t have any comment.
Anyhow, Jeq in the House uses Common Man coffee beans, which generally is a good standard.

Cafes in Section 17, PJ  JEQ In The House -002

The alcove within is filled with pretty things. From the quirky decorative items to the mismatched furniture, these distinctively artsy pieces are no doubt in place to create a sense of uniqueness and to add character to the place, which it was fairly successful.

I like the selection of music too, not too loud and they play popular current tracks.

Cafes in Section 17, PJ  JEQ In The House

I can’t say the place is cosy when it’s packed but I can imagine it to be quite a nice place to chill on quieter days.

The Jeq Special Grilled Chicken Salad (RM18++) came generously drizzled with honey mustard dressing. The grilled chicken breast is delicious while the salad part was just simple mixed greens.
I appreciate the tomatoes and addition of orange segments for that supplemented the greens with a juicy tang.

Cafes in Section 17, PJ  JEQ In The House -003

The same can’t be said for my Cordon Bleu Chicken (RM19++). I don’t deep fry at home hence I opt to order dishes that I can’t or don’t personally cook.
It has been a while since I had a cordon bleu, so it was my first choice when I saw it on the menu.
Sadly it turned out to be a bad choice.

The meat is dry and there is little cheese within. The turkey ham didn’t help much.
Oh, don’t tell me it’s chicken breast hence it’s dry because if you cook it right, it can be tender and moist! And yes, I know what I’m talking about because I eat and cook kilograms of chicken breast on a weekly basis for my meal delivery business.

Cafes in Section 17, PJ  JEQ In The House -005

Cafes in Section 17, PJ  JEQ In The House -009

Just as I thought the sauce might be of help, that hope was quickly dashed for the gravy was an unappetising, clumpy brown mess. It tasted just as bad as it looks.
The fries that came with the sandwich was marginally better than mine, which were a handful of greasy, over fried chips.

Cafes in Section 17, PJ  JEQ In The House -010

Cafes in Section 17, PJ  JEQ In The House -008

The egg mayo fillings for the Egg Mayo and Turkey Sandwich is good, but that’s about it.
RM15++ for this hefty portion is alright if you are not the fussy type.

Cafes in Section 17, PJ  JEQ In The House -004

I heard the freshly baked in-house cakes that are “to-die-for”; namely the Tiramisu and Macadamia cheesecake.
Too bad we were too stuffed after our meal.
But I will be back for the Tiramisu.

Cafes in Section 17, PJ  JEQ In The House -006

Nice place with good service. Drinks and cakes had received good comments overall on social media but foodwise it was a hit and miss.

GST 6% and service charge 10& applies.

JEQ In The House
No. 19, Jalan 17/45 (same row as Kanna Curry House)
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7932 2261
Mon – Fri: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sat: 10:30 am – 11:00 pm
Sun: 10:30 am – 10:30 pm

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