Bukku Cafe @ Klang : Salted egg yolk croissant, books and coffee

When a Singaporean friend wants to meet for a while, with inconvenient timing at 8am on a weekday morning with only a few hours before he boards his cruise again at Port Klang; I could only think of Chong Kok, Sin Kok Thye and some bak kut teh places.

Googling didn’t yield much results for Klang cafes, as two (Seraph Awaken and another that I can’t recall now) were closed on Tuesdays, and others only operational from 11am onwards.

Fortunately, Joyce Lee came to my rescue and recommended Bukku Cafe. While she neglected to mention that Bukku isn’t anywhere near Klang town (I had to drive another 30 mins from Chong Kok Kopitiam!) the irritation of further driving was forgotten as I stepped into the cafe.

The lower floor space was empty besides one occupied table. It was 9am+ and the staff was still chatting away while having breakfast near the cashier. No one came up to me and asked me if I needed anything.
After I chose my table and started taking pictures, I realized that it was order and pay at counter concept. Well, that’s fine. But a smile or welcome would be nice anyhow.

Service aside, the space has a soothing vibe that envelopes you soon as you walked in. Brightly lit with a ceiling to floor shelf filled with books and packaged coffee plus an outdoor yard, Bukku is certainly Instagrammable, comfortable and definitely “workable” – as in suitable for mobile workers like myself since each table by the wall has a dedicated powerpoint.

We skipped the coffee (sadly) because my friend didn’t feel like having a drink, his mum was suffering from gastric and I was too hungry and just wanted food.

So we ordered the famed croissant with molten salted egg yolk (RM7.50) and to appease my growling stomach, I opted for the gourmet burger; advertised on the menu as made-in-house patty with choice of beef or chicken.

The croissant was up to mark; light, shattering crispy oozing rich, thick and grainy molten salted egg yolk.
I concur that its reputation was well-deserved.

The burger was a disappointment; the patty too lean (well, I suppose you could argue that’s it’s healthier) and thus dense and chewy. This was RM15.

Nonetheless I will revisit Bukku if I am in the vicinity (hopefully not, I never relished the long drive to Klang) and if I do, the croissant would be my order and I would try their rice bowls next. I saw a family having the big breakfast set as well as pasta and rice and the spread looked good!

At the cake chiller I spied a tiramisu and one or two cakes. I wished there were more options for the cakes but it could be that we were early that day.

Bukku Cafe
Address: Jalan Singgahsana 4A/KU5, Bandar Bukit Raja, 41050 Klang, Selangor
Contact: 012-567 7392
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 830 AM – 1130 PM

Powerpoint: YES
Service: Slow and lukewarm.

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