Best sushi @ Ichiro Sushi Bar – Isetan Eat Paradise, 1 Utama

It has been nearly 20 trips to Ichiro Sushi Bar ever since it opened and hundreds of ringgit spent. This is a post way overdue.

But Ichiro has became such a staple for me, so much so that I’ve taken it for granted. Whenever someone asked for for Japanese food and sushi recommendations, Ichiro is the first name that popped into my mind.
I eat here almost weekly, and have seen its menu and prices scale over the years.

Still I opined that I’m getting value for my buck; for the quality remained constant.

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The pictures you see below are collected over years, with a minimum of 2 visits monthly.
My usual order is my favourite; their signature Ichiroll, RM 35.
I love it because it has almost everything that I love (unagi, salmon, egg, pickle, crabstick, tuna and usually another fish) in one roll and by the time I’m halfway through the roll, I’m full.
The usual procedure here would be to order one Ichiroll to be shared, and top up our orders with some nigiri.

My nigiri of choice is always the Anango. The price has risen steadily over the years, but I still love my anango and Ichiro serves one of the best anango around.
I would know, I order anango whenever I see it on the menu and Ichiro’s is always fresh, thick and perfectly seared.

On days when I don’t fancy rice (though Ichiro’s sushi rice is one of the best around; perfect ratio of vinegar to rice that is perfectly cooked – not too mushy nor hard) a sashimi bowl is my choice.
Freshly grated wasabi is served here, as how it should be. I can’t remember the last time I allowed myself to eat the powdered ones.
Yes, I can be a snob.

Some of their popular rolls are the Dragon Roll (unagi), the Ichiroll (of course) and the Salmon & Avocado Roll.

For group dining, give their assorted sashimi platter a go. At RM120++, it is ideal for 3 to 4 people and a good deal considering the seafood served and the amount of each.

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Diners order via an iPad which is mounted on the side of the table and service is pretty fast even during peak hours. The masters at the sushi counters remained focused in their trade, while the friendly wait staff are more than helpful if you have any queries.
You could add to your order anytime via using the iPad ordering system. The device allows you to check the status of your order, updates and displays your accumulated bill so you will be “keep informed” of the damage to your wallet. 🙂

When Ichiro first opened I wasn’t convinced of the feedback I’ve heard.
What? That small, tiny, cramped space serves good sushi? Oh wait, excellent sushi did you say?

But I am a loyal patron now.
This is my default sushi bar in PJ; you get what you pay for and the experience comes coupled with an authentic sushi bar ambiance where you could sit by the sushi counter, watch your orders being prepared and then placed in front of you one by one, order by order.

Ichiro also serves one of the best value-for-money lunch sets around so if you want to “give it a dry run” before going all out for dinner, the lunch sets are a good bet.

Ichiro Sushi Bar
Eat Paradise, 2nd Floor, Isetan (quite hidden and it’s at the back of Gantetshu Ramen, Won Korean Restaurant. Look for Gyu-kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant).
1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing).
11am – 10pm

Tel: 03-7726 5899

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  1. Chan Wern Shen

    No doubt about it. Ichiro is the best sushi bar in PJ hands down!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      YEAPS~!!! 😀
      I been told to try one that is Damansara Jaya, Fugu Neo – have u tried it?

  2. connie

    quality is superb!

  3. KY

    I need this!

  4. Ong

    Went there today. They had an e-order system with options to add wasabi or not. Some I chosen with wasabi and some not because it’s for my daughter. All cane without wasabi because they completely ignored what we ordered. Made my claim, they took back all and added wasabi even to Tamago Sushi (egg sushi). Any decent sushi chef knows that is not right! Made my complaint, instead of being apologetic, that just ignored me and cancelled what I’ve ordered. Not with a single cent!

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