Best of Halal: Buffet dining @ Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL – the Place to Explore Variety

I have been a regular guest in Essence for years and I have only praises for the buffet.
The fully Halal kitchen prepares buffet breakfast from 6.30am to 10.30am daily, buffet lunch from 12noon to 2.30pm and buffet dinner from 6.30pm to 10.30pm daily.
For weekend hi-tea at Essence on Saturday, Sundays and public holidays, it is from 12 noon to 4pm.

Best of Halal - Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL-018

The spiral dessert counter has always been a highlight. The confection here is definitely a notch up from your usual shoddy mass buffet offerings.
The local traditional Malay kuih are delicate, creamy and rich just like how they rightfully should be.
Whole cakes and crumble shared the space with dainty individual servings, all swiftly replenished once portions run low.

Best of Halal - Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL-023

Souffles, waffles and pancakes are made upon order, ice-cream are unlimited and local Malaysian fruits lined one side of the counter.
We ordered one of the signature desserts – the Fried Durian and was rewarded with pungent, creamy durian puree encased in hot pastry. Delectable! 🙂

The Fried Durian Puff.

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Best of Halal - Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL-026

essence sheraton imperial

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Essence recently rejuvenated the dining experience with an extension of 4-5 live cooking stations making it a total of 9 live cooking stations designed for a dining experience that engages all your senses and heartily satisfies the appetite, using the freshest ingredients.

Best of Halal - Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL-015

With visual drama and theatrics thrown in for its interior and food preparation, you are guaranteed a feast not just for your appetite but your taste buds and eyes too!

Best of Halal - Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL-028

The fresh seafood and meats were hand-picked and grilled to the level of doneness as request. Over at the satay station we watched as flames licked our chicken and beef skewers for the wonderful char flavor we love.

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Best of Halal - Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL-005

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With an extensive 100-metre buffet spread, there’s something for everyone. Go round the world, teasing your palate from fiery Thai food to the rich curries of India to Mexican tacos and fresh sashimi from the Land of The Rising Sun.

Best of Halal - Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL-001

Best of Halal - Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL-011

Best of Halal - Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL-006

Best of Halal - Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL-032

Best of Halal - Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL-007

I had my California roll made on the spot and helped myself to unlimited cuts of fresh sashimi at the Japanese booth while waiting for the Chef to prepare my order of mixed teppanyaki.
Bouncy prawns, chunky cuts of beef and chicken were stir-fried with mixed vegetables and mushrooms on the sizzling teppan grill resulting in a tasty plate of protein and fibres.

Best of Halal - Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL-016

essence sheraton imperial 1

Best of Halal - Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL-017

That’s not all, the same Japanese cuisine counter offers seafood on ice so pile up on the large sweet prawns and fresh oysters. You can also savour the premium roast of ribs, lamb or chicken at the carvery station.
The hot counter offers cooked vegetables, meat and seafood dishes in small pots to ensure freshness and hygiene.

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Over at the Asian station, the chef steams your seabass upon order and serves it to your table once it is ready.
While you’re at the Asian station, stroll over to the Noodle Station just beside it and choose your preferred ingredients for a bowl of piping hot noodles; be it a simple chicken consommé or a fiery bowl of laksa.

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Don’t miss the theatrical actions of the Indian chef as he knead, flips and twirls his dough while making his signature Roti Romali; a recipe of flour, milk, egg and sugar. The green one is kneaded with spinach puree while the sunny yellow is due to added saffron powder.

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Essence, with its stunning backdrop of bright eclectic colours ranging from flashy red and trendy black to warm orange and yellow hues offset by a bold hand-laid mosaic wall offers a modern and vibrant ambience which promises to invigorate all dining experiences – from casual meals and friendly get-togethers to business meals and gourmand explorations.

Best of Halal - Essence, Sheraton Imperial KL

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The delicious buffet dinner spread is priced at RM98++ per person (food only).

Restaurant Name: Essence @ Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur
Location: Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur Tel: +603 2717 9933
Opening Hours: Daily – 6:30 AM till 10:30 AM; 6:30 PM till 10:30 PM Monday to Friday – 12:00 PM till 2:30 PM High Tea – 12:00 PM till 4:00 PM (Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays)
Contact Person and details: Email: [email protected] Telephone: 603 2717 9900
Halal Checklist:

Muslim Owned: N Halal Certified: Y (Please state the certifying body/organisation’s name) JAKIM 100% Halal Ingredients: Y
Cleanliness Grade – A
Serves Alcohol: Y
Extra Comments/Notes: 10% service charge and 6 % government tax applies

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    oh yeah, i have great memories of essence back from my years of working in this building. and it looks like this place tries to keep getting better and better! 😀

  2. Eugene

    Yesterday, while I was at work, my cousin told me about the buffet here and then you happened to publish about it. Great, now I know what to expect!

  3. Ellie

    My fav place for buffets too!

  4. Alice

    50% discount when 2 persons dinning?

      1. Vikiy

        May I know what do you mean by 50% discounts when 2 persons dinning? How to get this special rate?

  5. Jessica

    I haven’t tried the buffet here. Live stations in a buffet is great, keeping all food served as fresh and ala minute as possible

  6. Janet

    I got my eye on the fried durian puffs!


    I am regular visitor, how are you becky?

    1st time leaving a comment! 🙂

  8. Veron

    I love the desserts. And yes, I think having more live stations is great for buffets. Freshly prepared food!

  9. Summer


    I was looking for a nice place with reasonable price to organise a close family birthday celebration for my daughter of 1 yr old, do you think this is a good place? (Attracted by the eat 2 by the price of 1 promo :)) Appreciate all your feedbacks 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hmmm.. I think it should be fine really. A buffet like this should satisfy everyone’s food preferences and you should be able to request for a private dining space for your group 🙂
      As for the 2 for the price of 1 – you would have to check with Sheraton as I’m not sure if the promo still applies 🙂

      1. Katarina

        All of your reports are very thoroughly researched. I like the way you write. Thank you.

  10. fared

    i just want to know , the price of buffet lunch per person…

  11. Yvonne

    We were a group of 6 adults with 2 children celebrating Parents Day at Essence Restaurant here on Sunday. Regret to say that we had a bad experience ever in an international hotel like this. Wonder how it get “International Award Winning” title??

    Food: The food was not fresh at all, especially fishes and shrimp. The Japanese food counter was terribily messy. Sashimi was not display on the ice to keep fresh and can’t see any staff serving there. One counter I like the most is dessert counter with a pleasant Chinese girl serving. Thumbs up for her. At the steamboat counter, I asked a Malay girl whether she can top up the soup in the steamboat pot, I expect after request was made, things can be done spontaneously. But after I came back in 5-10 minutes, the pot still remain same. Then I made a 2nd time request to the male staff in coat. He quickly order to be done.

    Service: When we requested the bill, my husband jokingly ask the staff whether kids charges can be waived, he replied :” No lah~” with not a pleasant tone. The name appears on the receipt is Neil Chan.

    Parking fees: We was told to pay RM11 at the exit counter. If with hotel’s chop then will get flat rate RM8.50. I went back to Essence to get the chop, but the staff replied it is flat rate RM11 after 7pm. Then I went downstairs to hotel lobby to ask again, the chop was done there. I wonder where is the coordination between hotel staffs?
    While my brother and family were waiting in their car for the parking card to be done by me, the security guard came by and ask them with a rude voice:” U apa pasal ?!” This is how Sheraton hotel train your staff and guards?

    This will be the first and the final time here. Food and services do not worth that value. I will only give 3 out of 10 marks. 3 points are given for the good environment & dessert.

  12. Diong Chae Lian

    Does Essence actually have a halal certificate? Most 5-star hotels in KL are not actually halal-certified – they can only guarantee that they are pork-free and use halal-certified suppliers.

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