Bee Bee Hiong – good fishballs/yong tau foo in Melaka!

Good fishballs/fish paste takes skills, patience and of course a great recipe.

I’m not particularly excited about yong tau foo but I do go a bit crazy over fishballs. I love them springy with genuine fish flavour (oh duhh) and bursting with the natural sweetness of the sea.
A high order I know, with the perfectly spherical machine-formed, MSG-fied and flour laden ones that all of us are subjected to these days that it’s possible to even forget what a really good fishball is supposed to taste like.

bee bee hiong - good fishballs in melaka-006

If your memory needs jolt, a trip to Melaka Bee Bee Hiong might help. It is one of the best homemade fishball that I have sampled; made of fish paste of wolf herring (also called ikan parang, or sai toh fish 西刀鱼) and no preservatives are used.
I was told everything is made fresh daily (exactly how it should be) and the superb, clear consommé are boiled with fish bones and soybeans.

bee bee hiong - good fishballs in melaka-003

There are 2 types of fishballs here; steamed or fried and the rest are yong tau foo selections such as fishpaste stuffed eggplants, okra, tofu and chillies.
Their “signature” item here is the Tau hoo kee (fu zok); crispy square bean curd skin encasing fish paste.

bee bee hiong - good fishballs in melaka-004

*The fresh version.

bee bee hiong - good fishballs in melaka-011

I could live on the fishballs alone, but I’ll suggest to add an order of the kuey teow as well. Somehow the Malaccan kuey teow seems different. These were thicker, chewier & slippery. It has a really nice bite to it!

bee bee hiong - good fishballs in melaka-002


bee bee hiong - good fishballs in melaka-007

With almost 40 years of strong presence in Melaka, Bee Bee Hiong is now operating at the 2nd generation. There are 2 outlets in Melaka to satisfy your yong tau foo cravings (please stop with the ridiculous satay celup obsession ok?) and the address are at the end of this post.
The outlet I visited was the Bukit Piatu outlet and it is air conditioned, hygienic (I snooped all the way to the back where the kitchen is – with permission of course) and service is efficient.
Our meal as you seen above was only RM20.70 and absolutely satisfying!

bee bee hiong - good fishballs in melaka-009

bee bee hiong - good fishballs in melaka-012

bee bee hiong - good fishballs in melaka-010

Now how do I cart a hundred fishballs back home today when I leave Melaka?? 😛


bee bee hiong yong tau foo

bee bee hiong - good fishballs in melaka

Bee Bee Hiong Restaurant
No. 27/27-1
Jalan BPM 14,
Taman Bukit Piatu Mutiara
75150 Melaka
06 – 284 3139
017 – 672 6716

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  1. ooo, i’m not sure i’ve ever tried the fishballs here before. i love stuffed eggplant though (it’s my favourite type of yong tau foo), and the one here looks splendid. looks like they made quite a big batch! 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Yeps, my friend told me though this area is quite on the outskirts it’s packed during meal times and weekends!

  2. agnes B

    Thank you for sharing! Do you have the GPS coordinates for this place?
    It looks far from Jonker

  3. Patricia

    I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blog is really nice, keep it up!

  4. Osca

    Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up, there’s another popular fish noodles place in Melaka – I’ll grab the name and location and I’ll share it with you (on my mobile now).
    Love your blog. Keep it up with the Pg guide and Melaka food posts!

  5. daniel

    The fish paste looks really authentically high in ratio of actual fish meat.
    Reading your blog makes me feel as if Melaka, Pg, Ipoh has so much good food while all KL has is coffee cafes!

  6. Veron

    All the Ampang ones are so overrated. Coming from small towns, we did enjoy so much better ingredients in our food. Life is different in the city where shortcuts are acceptable.

  7. Clarissa

    Oh you would rate this better than Dong Fung?

  8. Amber

    So did you buy 100 fishballs home? 🙂

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