Afternoon Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL – Pavilions Lounge

Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur is well known for its daily buffets at Essence, which I can attest is truly an excellent one for its price.
I’m a fan of Celestial Court for marvelous pork free dim sum and though I haven’t tried been to Villa Daniel in recent years, apparently it offers very good Italian cuisine. Meanwhile Toastina Café & Bar is a little deli that serves sandwiches, pies, pastries, coffee, tea and juices.

But many of us may not be aware of Pavilions Lounge, just a floor above from the lobby. Pavilions Lounge is open daily from 10am to 1am for a selection of light fare and hors d’oeurves. One can enjoy English afternoon tea with the premium tea brand, TWG tea on Mondays to Fridays from 2pm to 6pm.

Afternoon Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL - Pavilions Lounge

It was my first time sitting here and sampling the pastries by Chef Chan Eng Hua. The theme for September is “Childhood Memories”, which aims to bring out your inner child by pampering yourself to nostalgic candies and chocolate infused pastry treats as well as beverages.

Afternoon Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL - Pavilions Lounge-001

For RM40++/pax, indulge in a tempting buffet of pastries specially crafted based on everyone’s favourite childhood games. The chocolate and candies highlights include Teng Teng (brownies and marshmallow bars), Konda Kundi (assorted chocolate lollipops), Galah Panjang (sweet grissini with chocolate dip), Plaster Sin (fruity jello), Batu Seremban (ox-eye cookies) and Guli Petak (quiche lorraine).

Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL-011

Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL-012

Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL-013

Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL-009

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Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL-004

I must have had a very sad childhood, for I couldn’t relate to any of these games except for batu seremban and plaster sin!

But any tea session is a good reason to enjoy good pastries, whatever theme it may be! We helped ourselves to Scones with Honey, Raspberry Jam and Whipped Cream, Assorted Homemade Pralines, Macarons, chocolates and cookies. For savouries, I filled my plate with dainty sandwiches, easy to devour and easy on the waistline; provided you stop after 2 of them of course. 😀

Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL-014

Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL-001

Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL-008

Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL-002

Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL-003

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For those opting for “lighter bites” (hey I won’t judge), these little shooters of fruits are god-send. I had about 5 myself. Well, yes I was kind of full from a lunch in Prego earlier that day.

Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL-010

But I’ll never turn down a good cup of hot chocolate. The rest of us opted for the TWG tea or the unique beverage offer of signature sparkling wine with ice pop that comes with three flavours – Strawberry, Mixed Berries or Passion Fruit! This innocent drink is only at RM36++ per glass.

Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL-017

After tea hours, the intimate and charming Pavilions Lounge is an inviting evening retreat for an aperitif or a nightcap, serving a full selection of international beers, bubblies, fine wines and premium spirits. Happy Hours starts daily from 5pm to 9pm. Get a 2nd glass of a Carlsberg draft beer (RM 24++ per glass) when you buy one during Happy Hours.
So if you’re around Sheraton Imperial/Jalan Sultan Ismail area and looking down from your office window to a “car park” on the streets, save yourself the stress of the evening jam and head down to Pavilions Lounge at Sheraton Imperial for Happy Hour! 🙂

For ladies go for the Naughty Nutella mocktail, priced at RM30++ per glass. It is a blend of the famous Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread, chocolate powder and fresh milk, topped with whipped cream and garnished with crushed chocolate cookies. Hhmmmm, I think that would be my kind of drink! :DD

Afternoon Tea at Sheraton Imperial KL - Pavilions Lounge- rebecca saw

As night falls, talented musicians will perform repertoire of popular tunes and evergreen favourites to keep guests entertained till late.

For reservations, call 03 2717 9933 or email to [email protected] to book your seats today or log on to to find out more.

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  1. Eric

    Hi Becky,
    I would like to know where do you think serves the best afternoon tea in KL?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Eric!
      Well, this one here is buffet styled – as you can see from the pictures. OThers tend to serve you in a tier tea set.
      For ambiance go for the Orchid Room at Majestic Hotel.
      Don’t expect too much frm the food – it’s decent to eat at best.

      The chocolate buffet at Grand Hyatt is worth lookin into if you’re/your partner goes gaga over chocolates. Here, you can add a minimal amount to have tea set + the choco buffet. The view is good too.

      As for just purely tea alone (as you can see most are packaged with view, ambiance), I like Swich Cafe’s – safe bet –

      Ritz Carlton is good for its Ronnefedlt teas. Can’t say the same fr the pastries.

      Oh, for tea + cakes (really good cakes) go to Tray Cafe at Plaza Damas.

      As for other hotel teas – I haven’t tried theirs & frankly, felt that most are not that great.

      Harrods’ Cafe KLCC is aint that good either. Expensive too.

      I have heard good reviews of the tea (weekend) at Maison Francaise – one of which I’m planning to go soon! 🙂

      For cakes alone, Tray and Nosh in Bangsar won’t disappoint. Just that it might not be served in a tiered form.

      1. Eric

        Thanks Becky!

  2. Sean Eat Drink KL

    ooo, my office just moved this month to somewhere else in the city center … so unfortunately, after 14 years, i’m now no longer just an elevator ride away from sheraton’s cool lounge 😀

  3. Genevieve

    Looking good becky!

  4. Yeo

    Will let my GF know. She loves a good place for tea time.

  5. daniel

    For RM40++ it’s pretty reasonable.

  6. Veron

    I love the one at Swich, though the service could be better.
    This place attracts me because of the elegant venue. RM40++ is ok for a buffet of pastries

  7. Cal

    I didn’t know Pavilion Lounge existed.

  8. Suki

    Pavilion Lounge looks like a beautiful place! A Naughty Nutella for me please! 🙂

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