A Pie Thing @Damansara Uptown – yummy savoury and sweet pies!

Could pies be the next food trend in Malaysia?
Waffles are making their presence felt in almost every cafe and some restaurants now and so far KL/PJ has 2 dedicated pie outlets to call its own.

a pie thing - damansara uptown - yummy savoury and sweet pies

I stepped into A Pie Thing earlier today to check the pies out.
A disclaimer here; I’m never a fan of pies.
The crust (pastry or shortcrust) puts me off. More often than not, such crust equals to a greasy or an overly rich piece of wet dough.
While some of you love the fragrance of a buttery crust; I’m of the opinion that a good crust done right should have a light and crumbly texture that melts in the mouth but never unnecessarily oily.

a pie thing - damansara uptown - yummy savoury and sweet pies-001

The piekeepers (that’s what the culinary entrepreneurs here call themselves) seemed to have nailed the recipe for such a perfect crust.
The crust here agrees with my palate (I can’t guarantee for yours) and it holds its sturdy shape to keep the delicious fillings intact.
Yet it wasn’t rock hard and gave way easily enough upon contact with our forks.

Below: The Chilli Cheese Pie.

a pie thing - damansara uptown - yummy savoury and sweet pies-002

Our orders was the Chunky Steak, Pulled Lamb & Chilli Cheese. A vegetarian option comes in the form of a spinach pie but was promptly ignored by my 2 male carnivorous companions. 😀

a pie thing @ damansara uptown-007

Each savoury pie is RM11.90 & you can choose to add toppings of mashed green peas AND/OR mash & gravy plus drinks for RM12.90/14.90.

Below: Pulled Lamb Pie.

a pie thing - damansara uptown - yummy savoury and sweet pies-004

Fillings wise, the homely, braised-for-hours beef and lamb was lip-smackingly delicious.
The mash isn’t overly buttery and thus enjoyable without the punishing “heavy” after-meal feeling.
I’m particularly fond of the green pea mash; fresh, natural green pea taste with its slightly gritty texture. In contrast the potato mash was smooth but rich in spud-dy flavour.

Below: Chunky Steak Pie.

a pie thing - damansara uptown - yummy savoury and sweet pies-003

The generous fillings of the pies certainly justified its prices.
In comparison, commercial pies usually contains more gravy/potatoes/fillers than meat, and are in fact more expensive or similarly priced as the ones here.

So for your next office functions/home parties/lunch, do consider ordering from A Pie Thing. I think these make great gifts too (PR agencies take note, please stop giving us media people bloody mugs/yucky cupcakes as door gifts) but I digress.

Oh, because the pies are so wholesome, I’m considering buying a few weekly to store for emergencies. Add a handful of boiled vegetables and it can be a complete meal! 🙂

a pie thing - damansara uptown - yummy savoury and sweet pies-005

The only complaint I foresee from diners is the rather thick crust.
I’ll like to say this in response to this possible grouse; the generous and heavy fillings does need a thicker “wall” to hold them all in! 🙂

Next was our dessert pies.
The Sweet Potato Pie came with ice cream (RM9.90) while the Smores (RM9.90) was served as it is. Both were heated up prior to serving.

a pie thing - damansara uptown - yummy savoury and sweet pies-007

We love the Sweet Potato Pie with its lovely paste of natural sweet potato slightly perfumed with cinnamon while the soft marshmallows and chocolate one is a fail-proof recipe.

a pie thing @ damansara uptown-011

I think the piekeepers got a good thing going. So go support ok? 🙂

A Pie Thing @Damansara Uptown
128G, Jalan SS21/35, Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tue – Thu: 16:00 – 23:00
Fri – Sat: 16:00 – 00:00
Sun: 16:00 – 23:00

a pie thing @ damansara uptown-012

a pie thing @ damansara uptown-001

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  1. Choi Yen

    me too, not really a fan of pie because I don’t like the hard & filling crust (or maybe I have yet meet a great one?)

  2. Irlene

    I want to give it a try… Looks good. Noticed the operation hours, only at 4pm onwards… I better try it out before i start my new job!

  3. Renne

    Such a high recommendation from you, the first! I must try these pies soon

  4. nana

    do you have halal certification?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Nana
      I don’t think they do, but it is pork free 🙂

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