Zakuro 2, Jalan Ampang

Here I am again with another fish-y post. I don’t think I have eaten that much amount of fish in a normal month compared to the last 2 weeks.

A recent Japanese lunch we had recently had me ordering the Unagi instead of my all time favourite Japanese dish, Katsu Don. Though Katsu Don is such a simple dish; I find it so satisfying if done right. I love the gravy that doused the rice, and runny eggs enveloping tender chicken meat gets to me everytime.

However this time round I had to skip the chicken s imply cos one of the tabooed food for someone who has a cough is chicken.
Apparently, when you have a cough, eating chicken meat will convert your body into a phlegm producing factory.
This Chinese taboo is completely new to me, and I gaped as my friend’s mum rattled on what to avoid; which includes eating or drinking anything that is chilled.

Now, I’m never a believer of all this hocus- pocus, and would have happily slurped and licked my way through a Haagen Daaz buffet if given half an opportunity. Under normal circumstances, I would have dismissed this advice, if not for the fact that I’m still coughing my lungs out after 2 weeks of medication. Align Center

So..just to be on the safe side, I drank only warm water and avoided eating chicken. But..seriously, does all this Chinese beliefs work??

Anyways, just thought of sharing with you guys all these funny Chinese beliefs that’s been sagely passed to me since I fell sick. Let’s get back to the food.

Zakuro 2
Grd Floor, (same building as Royal China Restaurant, under the Tai Thong chain of Restaurants)
Jalan Ampang.
03 – 2162 6163

Not very visible from the road, try looking out for Bangkok Connexion instead, and Zakuro is just right beside it.

Their set lunches are priced at RM21.50+, with almost 10 choices of main, & comes with a bowl of rice, miso soup and fresh fruits.

Unka’s Beef Sukiyaki set was decent enough, the broth sweet but not to the point of overly so, the beef fillets tender & there are enough vegetables & enoki mushrooms to ensure very smooth bowel movement the next day.

beef sukiyaki
For each set that you order, you are entitled to add-on any of the 3 additional items on offer for RM5 each. I honestly can’t remember what the other 2 items were, but I ordered the California Roll.


It may look a bit anorexic but thankfully that wasn’t from skimping on the best ingredients.
Instead they cut down on the rice (yea!!) and threw in HALF a whole soft shell crab, loads of fish roe and the customary crabstick.
Perfect for me. Gimme more quality fillings pls!

I ordered ala-carte since I wanted unagi & that wasn’t offered in the set lunch.


Both of us enjoyed the fatty thick slices of eel, smothered with the sweet gravy. Unka thought the portion was reasonable for RM40 but I seriously felt that it was a bit pricey.

It was pure torture to firmly turn down the offer of matcha ice cream for dessert but I stucked to my guns and decided that I can have all the gelato and desserts I can eat after I’m well.
For now, old folks remedies, Chinese taboos, feng shui, traditional massages etc will all be adhered to religiously.

Our bill came up to RM75.35 inclusive of 2 Ocha at RM1 each. 10% service applies.
Oh, the service is really attentive and the waitress was very professional. I certainly didn’t mind the service charge for that.

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