Yut Kee, Jalan Dang Wangi

This place is sooo – femez.. all blogged about, has more than its share of fame in the blog sphere.. so should I even write a post about it?

Well, what the heck..I’m going to anyways..

I wanted to try their food for eons (as with the other 1001 places I read about in all those food blogs I follow), but that area eludes me somehow..till now, when I do have some occasional “business” to be about the Cap Square area.

The wicked AWOL has just posted this up last week, my my.. I have been thinking about it ever since.

It was fate. Today at exactly 1030am I had an appointment in Cap Square. At exactly 11am I finished my appointment.
Aahhh.. didnt Lyrical Lemongrass says it’s only available on Fri & Sun and from 11am onwards?

So into Yut Kee I walked, braving the scorching sun, driven by the images of fatty pork.

Hmmm.. no sign of pork..
but I spied the in-famous Kaya Roll so I bought some of course.. aint that hard to fit 2 scrawny rolls into me stomach..
Rm0.70 / piece
Luvvv the kaya, all eggy goodness, not too sweet and darn authentic. Lumpy and fragrant, just the way I like it. The egg rolls are ok..

Then, behold.. the owner said “Wait for a while, the pork rolls are coming out now..”
Aaggkk? ..did I have “Pork” written all over my face??

Salivate over this..
Orders immediately poured in, and the worker there couldn’t cut it fast enough.

Mind you, this cost me RM10.
And ONE of this baby will set you back RM100. IT WAS RM90 last week!!!
The tart and slightly sweet apple sauce. I thought it was so-so only.. a chilli -based sauce would have done it more justice.

As for the pork itself.. well, I got it hot and crisp out from the kitchen. The skin was crunchy, as expected the meat tender and moist, but the nutty fillings didn’t seem to add any additional flavour to the meat, or was I eating too fast? LOL.

Outer layers that managed to have the marinate permeated into the meat was perfect..inner layers are just as good, as you get the natural “sweetness” of the meat.

Though not very happy with the price increase, for I didn’t read any news of pork prices increase since last week..do try it anyhow.
I guess it lies in the novelty of the way it is prepared, as I’m sure one can get roasted pork which is as good or even better in KL.

After all, I didn’t quite fancy the sauce..but hey..a man’s meat is another man’s poison. So who am I to judge for all?

I still enjoyed my pork, had a good lunch and will be back for the other stuffs that I have yet to try out here.


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