What is better than Nasi Lemak?

Some say NASI BERINGIN. (Beringin….sounds soooo salacious no?)

Just as the name suggest, its a dish that supposedly leaves you yearning for more. Think desire, longing, craving…or a little off the mark; obsession, infatuation, scandal

Crispy crackly skin (really good!), tender flesh and a well portioned piece. (Probably an A cup ;p)
Nothing lavish, it was a most satisfying meal nonetheless. The pickled achar – cucumber & pineapple was on the watery side and lacked the sharp tang of the vinegar.
But that’s ok, considering that the rice was already rich and oily, and moderately pungent from all the spices.
Coupled with the sambal and the sides available such as beef rendang, sambal sotong and so forth, this light version of pickled cucumber compliments the whole meal nicely.
An egg may just be an egg. But I’m fussy about my eggs.
Cooking eggs may not be rocket science; (& eating out as much as I do), I’m always confronted with overcooked eggs, be it fried or boiled.

Now, this one was beauuutifullll… the whites bouncy and soft and cuts through easily via a spoon; the yellow center moist and powdery; with the melt-on-the-tongue-like texture. I could easily wallop 3 at a go! And top all that with great sweet sambal.

Huge cauldron of nasi beringin… sold out everyday.
Notice the pink plates? Reminds me of my school days! Cheap plastic plates for those RM1.50 nasi lemak or char bee hoon…
The fried chicken tray. You don’t have to wait long for the piping hot ones from the kuali. It is replenished pretty quickly since majority of the customers goes for the chicken.
Pretty decent prices for the quality and portion. Keeping in mind too that this is BANGSAR.
Now, the mother of all treats would be a plate of nasi beringin with ayam goreng,
daging rendang, sotong and telur sambal. The works! Yes, must definitely go for that the next round!

I was told that one of the “secret” ingredient for their gravy is kaki ayam (chicken feet), which is cooked with the gravy. Apparently on certain days you can get some to go with your order. I didn’t see it that day so I can’t vouch for that.

Curious as to what makes Nasi Beringin different from Nasi Lemak, I googled for some recipes..and found that it is very much the spices that influence the taste of the rice.
Coconut milk still dominates, but ghee or margarine is a must.
Tastewise, it is definitely different from nasi lemak.
Plus the rice was much more fragrant and “wet”. (No, the grains were not fluffy and perfectly separated. Some parts are clumped together)
Since I had no comparison, I assume for now it is meant to be as such.

So far I have received only 2 tip-offs on places that serves Nasi Beringin, here and Restaurant Nasi Beringin in Kampung Baru, opposite the Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL), Menara Wawasan.
This place supposedly serves authentic Mi Bandung Muar too.
Will be heading there some time next week. .. 😉

Anyhow, for those foodies out there who haven’t tried this, it is here:
Level 2, Menara Mutiara Bangsar,
Jalan Liku, off Jalan Riong

Landmarks: NST & China Press (on Jalan Riong), Petronas petrol station (on Jalan Bangsar not the one on Jalan Maarof).

Getting there: Take the Putra LRT to the Abdullah Hukum station. Walk to the Petronas petrol station (about 10 minutes away). Menara Mutiara Bangsar is just behind the Petronas petrol station.

Going up to Level 2 to the food court can be tricky. DO NOT TAKE THE MAIN LIFT. Take the lift behind Latha Cafe (an Indian restaurant) in the building or use the stairs.

It is stall number 20 and is open from 12pm to 2pm. (the food court is open 7am to 6pm)
There is a perpetual queue and is sold out daily by 130pm.

GPS: Lat N 03 07” 34.8’, Long E 101 40” 44.8’

The spices used in the making of the rice: (full recipes soon)
Clove or bunga cengkih. Right: Kayu manis or Cinnamon.

Cardamon, ( buah pelaga). Right: Star Anise – Bunga Lawang.

Fenugreek or biji halba.

Oh yeah, other than these 2 places, any one know of any other Nasi Beringin proprietors??

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