I’m starting something new this week, something I’ve been trying to get going since I came back from Ozzie, (my last post HERE ). I’m going to try to make every Tuesday a TravelTuesday on RebeccaSaw.com.
Yup, this is so that I won’t neglect my travel posts, cos that tends to happen once you get back from your trips right? You posted a few articles, then you got caught up with your daily rituals, and all your pics remained in your HDD & subsequently never posted.

So, for my Travel Tuesday this week, I’m reminiscing my Victoria, Australia trip, made possible with many thanks to Tourism Australia & Tourism Victoria. 😉

Just to recap, my 10 days trip covers the Melbourne’s South East Touring Triangle of Yarra Valley & The Dandenong Ranges, Philip Islands & the Mornington Peninsular as depicted by the map below.

melbourne rebecca saw 2

Yes, I will still be updating consistently about my Australia trip in separate posts as there are so so many stories that I wanted to share! For now, this video gives it all in a nutshell. Enjoy! 😉


Music credits: Freeway (Kurt Vile) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.

The whole video is:


  1. says

    i see sparkling wine! a dangerous train ride! cool pizza dough tossing! cute koalas! fun cow-milking! underwater adventure with turtles! can’t wait for the elaboration! 😀
    p.s. nice music background for the video too

  2. Amanda Khoo says

    hi rebecca, amanda here! mum envies your life experiences especially the australia shark walk! mummy told me bout the met up yesterday morning in xixili pavillion. :) btw, my mom is josephine. :) it’s nice to finally ” meet ” you.


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