Universal Studios Singapore: Ancient Egypt

No hotel stay, holiday, food or any amount of counselling can heal this wound. But I appreciate the overwhelming support from my good friends, the well wishes & the opportunities that came my way last week. *Big hugs to all of you. Thank you so much…*

One particular friend whisked me off to Singapore last week for some R & R. A one day pass for Universal Studios was shoved into my hands & I found myself at the entrance of the Resorts World Sentosa early one morning.

universal studios entrance

1st thing I did was to get myself a “map” of course..

Universal Studio Singapore -  (2)

Then a picture of myself.. 😉

universal studios - rebecca saw

Presenting the seven zones of Universal Studios Singapore®:. I’m splitting up my experience into 7 different posts to cover each attraction one-by-one.

Universal Studio SG - attractions 1

Walking within Universal Studios Singapore is a breeze. As expected, Universal Studios is clean, well laid out, staff was courteous and informative signboards are everywhere.

Universal Studio SG - attractions

I’m starting off my Universal Studios Singapore series with the Ancient Egypt Zone.

Universal Studio Singapore - Ancient Egypt (2)

The attractions within Ancient Egypt: (each zone has different attractions).

Universal Studio Singapore -  (3)

I hopped on the “Revenge of the Mummy” ride of course. Here’s my SGD18.00 photo to prove it! 😉
Can anyone spot me? Epic wackybecky yea? Ha!

Universal Studio Singapore - Ancient Egypt (1)

I couldn’t take any photo inside the “pyramid” or during the ride as it was forbidden. Else I would have loved to record a video of the mummy ride. It was a short 10mins ride that was freaky and fun.
There were accelerations, sharp bends, sudden elevation and “free falls”. I totally forgot about my troubles for a while & hung on for dear life!!
During the ride, there were realistic props (mummies, gold chests, treasures, FIRE, sound effects, lights) at the sides of the “rail” of the car. So the whole ride was alike going through an ancient pyramid tour. Remember the Mummy movie with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz? Yeah, something like that. 😉

Below: Entrance to the Revenge of the Mummy Ride.

Universal Studio Singapore - Ancient Egypt (10)

Next is the Treasure Hunter. It’s a ride more for kids. Driving through an excavation site in a jeep is not my cup of tea.

universal studios Singapore - ancient egypt

universal studios Singapore - ancient egypt 1

Below: Entrance to the Treasure Hunters.

Universal Studio Singapore - Ancient Egypt (15)

Puked after your mummy ride? Each Zone has a few F & B options. For Ancient Egypt, Oasis Spice Cafe is a Egyptian-themed buffeteria serving specialties flavored with Mediterranean, Turkish, Lebanese and Indian spices.

Universal Studio Singapore - Ancient Egypt (7)

Or get your drinks/fruits/snacks from the Cairo Market.

Universal Studio Singapore - Ancient Egypt (9)

I met Cleopatra!!! Hmm.. is the guy supposed to be..err.. Mark Anthony?

Universal Studio Singapore - Ancient Egypt (8)

Each zone has lockers conveniently near the rides since you are not allowed to bring any bags, possessions onto the rides.

Universal Studio Singapore - Ancient Egypt (3)

Universal Studio Singapore - Ancient Egypt (5)

Free of charge for the 1st 30mins. I didn’t have to pay for locker usage here since the ride was shorter than 30mins.

Universal Studio Singapore - Ancient Egypt (4) Universal Studio Singapore - Ancient Egypt (6)

That’s it for Ancient Egypt! Watch out for my next post in my Universal Studios Singapore series! :yes:

Additional Notes:

Revenge of the Mummy (Ancient Egypt): Height Restrictions:Guests under 122cm may not ride.
Treasure Hunters (Ancient Egypt):
Height Restrictions: Children under 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion. Hand-held infants are not permitted.

Website: www.rwsentosa.com

Hours of operation
Mon – Sun: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Fri & Sat: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm; 
Hollywood After Hours: 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Universal Studios Singapore
8 Sentosa Gateway,
Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269

[email protected]

Contact number:
+65 6577 8888

For directions on how to get to Universal Studios Singapore, please refer to Resorts World’s “How to Get Here” map.