Under which tree???

Week 1: “Beckiieee…I found this great place!!! UNDER A TREE one..the assam fish head here is soo sooo good.. the sui tan is damn nice..all the dishes very niceee...

Week 2: “So becky.. you had the fish yet? No?? WHY?? I send you the address NOW ok..you must try.. you wont get bored eating it everyday!
ME (thinking to myself) : Everyday??? Sure boh??

Week 3: “Eh becky..have you gone to try it yet?? You know, the place I told you about..the assam fish..
You managed to find it? It’s UNDER A TREE. ”

THAT …for 3 weeks in a row.

THAT….is alike hanging a wriggling fat fish in front of a hungry shark.

THAT…. got images of a huge fishy head, with bulging eyes and full cheeks (I loveee that part I tell you..) swimming in crimson, piping hot broth, with whiff of sharp piquant gravy assailing to my piggy snort…

But still I was hesitant..cos you see.. unless it is a food blogger or someone I know, who I had dined with before & had pronounced his/her standard in food worthy of opinion, I hardly trust their recommendations.

Blame it on past experiences.

Anyhow, I took the bait. Rounded up a gang. And this time thelaziestchefever aka The Gourmand Extraordinaire joined us. Do read about his excited experience here. ;p

As usual, desserts took the most attention & we started on the cakes, again… even before the order for the food was placed!


A Slice of Heaven
Jaya One (next to Cold Storage)
No. 72A Jalan Universiti
46200, Petaling Jaya.

Open daily from 10am to 10pm. For more details, check out Just Heavenly’s blog.


And all those pics of cakes by Ciki and AWOL got me rushing down to Bangsar for my fix…

daily grind

Yup, it’s the Red Velvet and The Hummingbird. I actually preferred The Red Velvet by A Taste Boutique. Not sure if it was still that good since I last had it in Feb. Their cream cheese topping was remarkable.
This one was eerr…butter cream?
The Hummingbird was lovely though, the sponge base is banana-ish with generous amount of pecans. Moist, interesting & delicious!

Ok, now on the REAL food.
THE BEST DISH of the night = Salted Egg Squids. RM19.
This is THE ham tan sotong“. One of their signatures. And superbly tasty.
It came to our table piping crispy hot and remained excellent throughout the meal. Even when it got cold, it didn’t collapse into a pile of soggy batter and rubber rings. Nope, it stayed crispy and tenderly chewable throughout.
For such a huge portion, RM19 is well justified.

hamtan sotong

Their Salted Egg Pork was another recommended dish. However, we tried not to go overboard with the salted egg flavour so then the lady boss recommended their Marmite Pork.
Alas, Emeryn doesn’t take marmite so we skipped that too.
PS: I saw that it was a popular order that night, and the pork pieces absolutely glisten, all sweet and sticky..darn…

We ended up with the Sweet and Sour Pork, RM17, which is basically a version that’s really substandard with floury coating & barely bearable- tasting pork meat and unimaginative gravy. Flat and bland. Urgh.

sweetsour pork

Guess that wasn’t their forte, for the other dishes did shine.

Our simple vege dish of quick fry french beans with chai poh. RM12. Sweet, crunchy and easy on the palate. Nice.

french beans

The steamed egg RM10 won us over with its slippery smooth and custard-like texture.
So simple, yet satisfying.


And here is the steamed assam fish. Tilapia, with moist sweet flesh, & no funny undiscerning taste whatsoever. Lap it up with the gravy, enjoy it with rice, eat it on its own. It’s just good.


The portions frighten us at first, for the lady who took the orders went ahead and set portions for 8, which is something one should be aware of when dining here.
So please inform her in advance, else she places kitchen orders for the number of pax at the table for EACH dish.

All in all, RM100 for all the dishes above, for 8 pax and with chinese tea included wasn’t a bad deal right??
The place may sound really remote, but it is actually about 15mins drive from SS2.
Mr Gourmand Extraordinaire mentioned the Setia Way KTM station is actually very nearby.

28, Jalan SS 9A/16
Sungai Way New Village,
47300 Petaling Jaya.
contact: 012 – 217 7260/012 380 3918

We sat at Tin Sing, which was air-conditioned but these two restaurants you see above actually shares the same kitchen. In short, BOTH restaurants are the same.
And yet the name on their receipt is Mei Sin or something..hhmm..

All hail the gluttons!!