Turkey Art, Dance & Food Festival – Shook! Starhill Gallery & JW Marriot Hotel

Discover the uniqueness and richness of the Turkish culture as the Turkish Art, Dance and Food Festival will be held at Shook! Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang, for 8 nights from Feb 25th till March 3, 2012.

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-018-016

The last encounter I had with anything Turkish was the Turkish Culinary & Cultural Week organised by Turkey Tourism and Information Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Malaysia. I had always wanted to visit Istanbul and that event had shed some insights on Turkey’s culture.

However, there wasn’t much on the food. The craft and art aspect was present; as we listened to the songs, enjoyed the performances of Turkish classical music and folk dance as well as demonstrations on Turkish marbling art (Ebru) and Turkish calligraphy by the country’s native artists.

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-011-010

This time round, it was similar as well except for the 8 nights where 2 celebrated Turkish chef, assisted by a team of 11 assistances, have been specially flown in from Istanbul to display their culinary skills and prowess in this showcase of art, dance and food. Book yourself a seat in Shook! and see them whip out exotic recipes before your eyes!

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-003-003

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-004-004

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-013-012

The menu for the week was not shared with the press so I’ll have to head back to Shook! to find out. No doubt I’m VERY interested in the food and I do hope it’s not too expensive!

We had samplings during the launch, and I love the cheese and nuts.

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-014-013

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-015-014

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-016-015

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-017-002

There was some flipping action of a Turkish pancake. I didn’t manage to get the name of the pancake & googling didn’t quite turn up any answers. Do let me know if anyone of you knows ok? 🙂

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-010-009

This dessert pancake is really sweet and cloying, having made out of cheese and sugar. I could only manage one bite.

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-019-017
Other than the above, marbling or “Ëbru”, an ancient art of printing multi-colored swirled or stone-like patterns on paper or fabric, and glass blowing or glass forming artists will also be demonstrating their skills during this festival.
Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-002-002

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-001-001

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-005-001

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-008-007

Turkish classical music group includes Mr Adnan Mungan, soloist; Mr Osman Nuri Ozpekel, Ud player (Ud is one of the oldest stringed instruments); and Mr Aziz Sukru Ozoguz, violin player.
They will perform during lunch and dinner time.

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-018

The Turkey Art, Dance & Food Festival 2012 is also organized on the sideline of the Third Turkish Products Exhibition, which will be held at KL Convention Centre from 1st to 3rd March 2012.

Turkish Art, Dance & Food Festival-012-011

The exhibition will feature about 70 renowned Turkish companies which will be participating to showcase the rich diversity of Turkish products such as agricultural products, automotive, machineries, buildings materials such as tiles and food products and cosmetics.

The exhibition is a must visit for anyone who’s interested to learn more about Turkey.
So, anyone here interested to go with me? On a side note, I’m really looking forward to visit Turkey soon. This year is the year! 🙂

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