Today’s Choices Magazine – the 1st Free Reversed Concept Magazine in Malaysia!

When I’m not glued to my Asus Zenbook, I do read books and magazines.

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Yes, REALLY. 😛

The thing about reading books and magazines is mostly about nostalgia for me. Sometimes, in an unexplained way, holding and reading a hardcopy does feel good and “cosy”. From hours in front of the laptop formulating online campaigns, editing pictures and blogging, it’s a relieve to grab a book and be spared the glare of the screen at times.

And of course, you can drift off to sleep without worries! 🙂

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Recently I got my copy of Today’s Choices while dining at the THIRTY8, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. The very next day I rushed off for the Malaysia Tourism Hunt 2012 for one week. I forgot to bring it along else it would have kept me company during the long drives!

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Now that I’m back, I took it up and read it page to page. For starters, I like its compact and slim size. The reversed concept is quite interesting as well but as with every reading material I rather judge it based on its contents.

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On one side, Today’s Choice covers on Travel, Style & Fashion, Dining, Health, Shopping. Flip over to the other side to get updated on Property, Business & Investment, Wheels, Vehicles, Consumer Benefits and Travel – International.

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For a first copy, I think it covers quite a broad spectrum of issues. I’m a lover of all things educational and on topics of fashion, beauty, food and travel. Today’s Choices editorial team did a good job covering all the relevant stories and being a 2 months once mag, it also touched on a topic close to all women; the Pink October campaign against breast cancer.

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Almost every page has an article of interest to me; be it about traveling, food, fashion or even business/entrepreneurship. I trust it would be of interest to many of you too! 🙂

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Another good factor? The concise articles that are easily digestible and non-jargon heavy.

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Remember I worte about painting my own batik in Terengganu? You can do it here in Jadi Batek on Jalan Imbi in KL! I didn’t know that!

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A quick last note about this magazine!
It’s distributed for FREE at Stesen Sentral KL, Subang Skypark, Celebrity Fitness & many more outlets!
Yes, it’s complimentary. Do watch out for it and grab a copy.
For contests and events, I follow them closely on Facebook: There will be a launch event in October and an Explorace coming up!
So find them on FB now!

I got 2 extra copies with me so holla me if you want one! :DD

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