The Start of The Journey…

27th Feb 2009

We headed off to Pg, THE island of gluttony (very apt destination for a bunch of gluttons like us ;p) on a scorching Fri afternoon.

Doubling up as a food trip, we planned to stop at a few places along the way, both while heading towards Pg and on the way back..

1st stop was Tanjung Malim for the in-famous Yik Mun Pau.
Since I heard soooo much about it, and never actually ate it before, I was full of anticipation. After all, I’ m a carbo-freak.. I luvvv my bread, paus, cakes, pasta, rice and kuey teow and mee..


Seriously I can’t, for the hell of me, comprehend why it is famous! It is one of the worst pau I have ever tasted. Very much like those paus that one gets at the rest stops along the highway, while some of those actually tasted better!

Ok, maybe I’ll be kind and grant Yik Mun some slack, & at the very least I would say the fluffy, airy soft texture of the pau is err…nice.
The fillings left much to be desired. Very Malay-ish kind of curried minced meat (both for the chicken and beef ones) and plain red bean (one that Sunny ordered).

Overall, very processed- taste food, I won’t recommend this as easily as I would recommend Eng Heong Kaya Puffs, Penang Him Heang/Ghee Heang or Kampar Chicken bun.
To think that this is a trademark kinda place.

Unsatisfied, I googled it and yess… pls read the in-femez Motormouth post on it, AND THE COMMENTS after that! Explains it all!
Paus made by Chinese for the Malays – my exact thoughts!

I think I’ll better stop now lest I get assaulted with hate-mails from the Tanjung Malim’s paus fans..

Certainly no cravings for this one!

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