Reunion, Bangsar Village II & Delicious for Choc Pavlova

30th June 2009.

A Reunion and A Deli-cious Time.

My first visit to the Reunion, Bangsar Village II.

The Food
The springy swine innards was wonderful, fragrant from the fried shrimps (heh-bee), spicy from cuts of birds eye chilli and sinful cos of the abundant cubes of crispy lard.

Do skip the pig trotter soup.

The char siew pau, a must order for me at any dim sum outlet; has the fluffy airy texture that I like but the filling was somewhat miserly, more gravy than meat and overly sweet.

We had fun watching our pot of tea, observing the “flowers” blossoming inside and flavouring the hot water in the pot. Its sweet fragrance wafted to our nose as we sipped from our dainty teacups, happy with the thought of the relaxing afternoon ahead & time shared together.

Or at least that’s what I have read and been told.
Hokkien Mee

My take on the Hokkien Mee concurs with alilfatmonkey..
Absolutely for the fans of lard only.
Since I am not fond of Hokkien Mee to begin with, I may have been biased in my review. Even so, just how much OIL does one need to drown the noodles in??

BUT no, I don’t detest HM, I would just stick to Mun Wah on Jalan Maharajalela for my fix.


What’s a meal without one.

Staying away from the norm, heck..since we are at The Reunion, not some roadside dim sum shack, we steered clear of Tong Yuen and puddings and ordered The Coconut Jelly with Pumpkin Sauce instead.

Weird. Tasteless jelly with bland pumpkin cream. Darn, should have stuck to the puddings and tong yuen.

Dessert craving un-fixed, it was Delicious next.

I have tried most desserts at Delicious, and so far none had me returning for seconds . The Pav was untested but then again, I’m not a fan. Anyhow, lunchmate got major cravings for a Pav & said its chocolate-flavoured. Oh..chocolate-flavoured? Well..why not?

Pavlova - Delicious
Verdict? I’ll stick to Alexis’s.


Some flowers to chase the blues away,
A spray of perfume for the smell of sweet things to come in the year ahead,
A hug and a lunch for remembrance,
And some time together to cherish for a long time to come…

The Gifts

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