The Last Polka – Homemade ice-cream in KL!

1 teh tarik “kau” please!!!




And here you go, my version of the BEST teh tarik “kau”. In ice cream form!!

the last polka dot ice cream teh tarik

Honey, this is no joke. A weird name for an ice cream venture that churns out just as weird err…I mean.. “interesting” flavours, The Last Polka is an (currently) online ice cream little enterprise that prides itself on its homemade ice cream using purely natural ingredients. And based on what I have tasted, this pretty little business has the potential to grow big.

the last polka dot ice cream KL

The most intriguing one has got to be this. The BACON ice cream.

The last POlka Dot Bacon ice cream

Everybody is curious as to how it could be made. And whether it could work.
And after seeing & tasting it today, it’s pretty clear that it CAN & DOES work.
All factors considered, it is not too bad an idea. Bacons, once deep fried & drained well, is dry, keeps well, & when frozen together with the ice cream, can be quite preservable in nature, though I doubt these homemade preservative free ice cream is meant to be kept for long.

The ice cream itself doesn’t taste of bacon grease or anything of that sort. The ice cream is very rich & creamy, milk/vanilla based & the bacon bits are probably mixed in after the ice cream has set. This is my guess only, for it pretty much taste & felt that way. The sprinkling of pepper just prior to serving was a nice touch, for when consumed together; it adds to the savoury experience as the flavour had intended it to be.

Bacon flavoured ice cream guarantees to be a great conversation starter at parties. We had tasting portions that day, & while I enjoyed it, I do not think I can stomach a whole pint.

But for this, I do not mind many many pints :yes:

GUINNESS ice cream!
One thing to note here, all ice creams by The Last Polka does not resemble flavoured ice creams in any way. Intense, smooth, rich & creamy; each spoonful has the perfect balance of flavour as indicated by its name with the amount of cream used to make it.

Left: Nutella, Right: Guinness.

the last polka dot ice cream nutella n guinness

Horlicks fans anyone? Think thick malty Horlicks, but ICED and creamy. If you like your Horlicks in this manner, it’s time to get in touch with The Last Polka! (that crumb of cake on top is for decorative purposes only).

the last polka dot ice cream horlicks

All the ice cream retails at RM23 for a 500ml tub. Order it HERE. Lucky sot me had the privilege to taste all these homemade goodies in tasting portion & hence I can happily say I tried all their variety for now.Β  :yahoo:

The tasting session was hosted by the gracious partners- in-crime of The Last Polka, May + Ee Vee. One can’t help but marvel at their dedication & commitment to produce the best ice cream possible through trial & error (they shared stories of sleepless nights, horrors of spoiled equipment at the most critical time, Heineken beer smells lingering in their fridge for weeks, GETTING FAT eating all their own produce, LOL! ) , as well as their genuine attempt at gathering feedback from their customers on ways of improvement in terms of service & taste for The Last Polka.

Below: Green Tea, Sesame Seed & Peanut Butter with Malt. I am out of adjectives. They were all fabulous; intense in flavour and delightful; though the Green Tea could do with a stronger body.

the last polka dot ice cream 1

Another localised flavour – Bandung (Rose syrup with milk) but this was citrusy in aftertaste as there was lime added. Anyhow, this flavour is still in experimental stage.

the last polka dot ice cream bandung

Left: White Coffee SO GOOD! I reckon a big scoop could replace an actual cup of coffee. The composition of coffee in it is that much. Right: Mango, The Last Polkas only fruity creation. I’m glad they decided against making it a sorbet, cos I personally detest sorbet.

the last polka dot ice cream mango n white coffee

Ah, but on the day of tasting itself, there were no pints available for sale. Tragic.

The Last Polka is actually the name of a song that May liked & they concured that it would be catchy label for their little venture. Well, it is catchy alright. πŸ˜‰
Check it out on YouTube HERE.

Current flavours available for order:


Current Flavours in experimental stage:


All the ice cream retails at RM23 for a 500ml tub. Order it HERE.
Join their FB for updates, & who knows, another ice cream tasting session like the one I just had! The Last Polka.

More alcoholic ice cream?
Kopi Bar, CentrePoint has them.