The Famous Geylang Lor 9 Frog Porridge, now in SS2, PJ!

The famous Geylang Lor 9 frog porridge is here in Malaysia, right at Jalan SS2/61 in PJ!

The small shoplot is located in the same row as Red Island cafe. Space-wise, it isn’t very big, with probably 15 tables and could seat 40 people comfortably at any one time.  The interior is very clean, with an open kitchen where you could view your pots of porridge being prep up. Sadly though, there wasn’t any frog chopping action  😉


I haven’t been to the one in Singapore so I do not have any basis of comparison. However, I certainly didn’t expect the menu to be so simple!

You can have your frogs prepared 3 ways; with Spring Onions, Dry Chilli or cooked in your porridge.

geylang Lor9 menu2

Then add to your order, sides such as vegetables, tofu or even chicken if you wish. But FROGS are the main thing here, obviously.

geylang Lor9 menu1

I added an order of Fried HongKong cabbage, (though I seriously wondered if it’s any different from the normal “kailan”) (RM12).

HK cabbage

Anyhow, it was surprisingly VERY good! Sweet & crunchy & cooked to the right degree, the vegetables was lightly tossed with some soy and oil. The top pile is deep fried leaves, and the bottom are the blanched ones; with both leaves and stalks. Non – fibrious & extremely pleasant to eat!

HK cabbage1

Service was pretty fast, we got our orders approximately 10mins after & every dish came freshly prepared. Our order of a SMALL pot (RM12) of porridge could easily feed 2.

frog porridge1

There is DEFINITELY 1 WHOLE medium sized frog in our pot. Legs, breast, back, ass, front legs..check check check. All accounted for!

frog porridge2

Even the drinks and condiments on the tables were of quality. (Singaporean owned perhaps? 😉 ) For example the sesame oil was fragrant and thick. Our herbal tea tasted freshly brewed & wasn’t watered down horribly. Certainly can’t complain for the price at RM1.60.


Though I’m not a fan of porridge, I wouldn’t mind going there again. This place gets packed pretty quick too. We were there for dinner at 630+ and by 730pm almost all tables were taken up & most were families.

Restoran Geyland Lor 9
(same road as AmBank and McDonald’s).
Jln SS2/61

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