The Apartment @ The Curve – “Taste the Ocean” menu by the Home Chef series

The Apartment has recently launched its new themed promotional menu titled the Home Chef series. Through this promotion, the Apartment will offer patrons a limited time menu focusing on special creations by the restaurant’s in house chefs based on a particular food theme.

The Apartment, The Curve

This April, the theme is “Taste the Ocean”  and I hopped in for a tasting session of the special menu last week.

The Apartment, The Curve-002

I thought this idea of  Home Chef series is a nifty way of showcasing their current chefs’ abilities while simultaneously adding a dash of sparkle to an otherwise fixed menu.

The Apartment, The Curve-010

This menu is available starting now till the end of April 2012. For the KLCC outlet, orders starts from 11am daily while the Curve outlet only features this menu from 6pm onwards.

The Apartment, The Curve-002

For RM79.90++, indulge in a complete 4 courses meal or you may opt to order ala-carte.

The Apartment, The Curve-018

A few of the items from the menu caught my fancy, while others was pretty ordinary. For one, I loved the dessert of Buah Melaka, a local dessert fancy in presentation and topped with coconut ice cream.

The Apartment, The Curve-017

I immensely dislike dessicated coconut in my food, but the grittiness of it added a pleasant textural feel to this one.

The Apartment, The Curve-005

On the other hand, I would have preferred a melting centre versus a solid lump of sugar for the Buah Melaka.

The Apartment, The Curve-004

Next on my preference list was this Baked Squid Stuffed with Herb Rice served with Okra and Seafood Gumbo.  RM25.90.

The Apartment, The Curve-006

Local herbs were used and the stuffing was pleasantly alike nasi ulam. I thought this dish was a nice fusion of both local and western flavours!

The Apartment, The Curve-003

The 2 other new mains are Sauteed Prawns, Saffron Rice and Young Mango Salad (RM37.90) and Pan Fried Red Snapper with Couscous and Lemon Butter (RM39.90) .

The Apartment, The Curve-008

The Apartment, The Curve-011

Again we see clever commingle of east and west here, with the sharp, sour young mango salad elevating the overall taste of the dish for the prawns; and the use of couscous versus the normal carbs option of pasta or rice for the snapper.

The snapper was a tad overcooked and not as flaky as I would have liked but the prawns were alright.

Below: An oyster shooter as amusé bouche.

The Apartment, The Curve-013

Cooking with seafood can be tricky, but then that can be said for all ingredients. Temperature and timing is crucial, especially for delicate textured seafood such as fish, squids and scallops.

Thankfully none of the squids, whether in the soup or main course was served rubbery. The shellfish passed the test as well. I enjoyed the soup, savouring the fresh, sweet tomato based broth redolent of seafood; though the same can’t be said for the scallops, which obviously left in the pan a bit too long.

The Apartment, The Curve-015

The Apartment, The Curve-009

We ended the session with the rich Brulee (RM13.90), nicely done with the prerequiste crackly, caramelized film on top.

The Apartment, The Curve-016

I’m in anticipation of better surprise next month, when Part II of the Home Chef series is launched. I’m speculating meats, since April is oceanic themed. Or maybe, vegetarian? That would be something! 🙂

The Apartment, The Curve-012

The Apartment, The Curve-001

The Apartment @ The Curve

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